Inara George and Greg Kurstin, alias the bird and the bee, are an army of two. They listen to everything, and answer to no one. They started playing Jazz standards together, and when they were all out of covers, they wrote some songs of their own.

The outcome is their self-titled debut, an indie pop album that sparkles with tunes that recall Everything But The Girl, Broadcast, Jem, and the lush sensuality of jazz and bossa nova. A sweet and semi-psychedelic ode to sun drenched lazy days.

Over the course of 3 years, they whiled away scattered afternoons in Greg's home studio in Echo Park, California, sequestered in a little world of their own making, and creating the ten sunshine and lazy day ditties you hold before you. Were these compositions intended for public consumption? Inara and Greg never gave it any thought; they made music together simply for the joy of it. - with no real goal for the music except to enjoy the journey of making it.

As casual as this sounds, the backgrounds of Inara George and Greg Kurstin are nothing to scoff at: Multi-instrumentalist Greg was a jazz piano prodigy by the time he started shaving; he moved to New York specifically to study with leftist Jaki Byard, a jazz icon best known as Mingus' pianist. He returned to Los Angeles and became one of the city's most well respected musicians, lending his skills to the likes of Beck and Robert Moog, as well as writing with and/or producing The Flaming Lips, Peaches, and Lily Allen, to name a few.

Inara George is the daughter of the late Lowell George, frontman of the eclectic '70s Southern rock band Little Feat. For several years she was in different bands in the Los Angeles area until she began her solo career releasing 2005's critically acclaimed All Rise. During the making of that record was when Greg and Inara first met.

The band's self-titled debut the bird and the bee was released on January 23 on Metro Blue Records, an imprint of Blue Note Records.

Listen: "Again and Again", "I'm A Broken Heart"

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