Dannon Oikos Greek Yogurt - Hey, is that John Stamos?

Audi: "Vampire Party" - Someone out there is looking out for the rest of us and finally doing something about all these annoying vampires...

Best Buy: "Mobile Phone Game Changer" - Okay, so it's not the best, but the little dig at Alec Baldwin is priceless.

Adriana Lima: Teleflora Valentine's Commercial - There appears to be a little bit of false advertising going on here, but since it's Adriana Lima we'll forgive her.

Adriana Lima: Kia Optima - What's better than one Super Bowl ad featuring Adriana Lima? Two of them! And Motley Crue! And a... cowboy on a rhino? And a giant sandwich? And - Chuck Liddell with blue teeth?

Doritos: "Sling Baby" - This one was another contest winner. It gets the cute award despite having some of the worst special effects since the early days of Sci-Fi.

Bridgestone - Troy Aikman & Deion Sanders test out some new footballs that the tire manufacturer has designed in this 'blink and you'll miss it' spot.

H&M: David Beckham Bodywear - This one's for the ladies...

FIAT 500 Abarth "Seduction" - Easily the sexiest ad of the night, and if you're wondering who that sizzling Italian woman is, it's actually Romanian model/actress Catrinel Menghia.

Hyundai: "Cheetah" - Can a cheetah outrun a car? Nope. But it can outrun man...

TaxACT: "Free to Pee" - If your neighborhood kids saw this free tax software commercial during the Bowl you can thank TaxACT for teaching them it's okay to pee in your pool.

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