You either love him or hate him: Keanu Reeves has been called anything from "yummalicious" and "OMG!! HOT! HOT! HOT!" to "a talentless, limp little douche of a man with all the charisma of a sack of onions." (Those are all actual quotes, people.)

Bashing (and defending) Keanu Reeve's acting skills is apparently a popular pastime on the internet. The best (or should I say worst) quotes have thankfully been collected here. On the occasion of his new film's release ("The Day the Earth Stood Still), Starpulse takes a look back at the best and worst of Keanu's career.


The Matrix
"The Matrix" was simply a revolutionary movie - in more than one way. Story-wise, it was great entertainment as well as an incentive for many a philosophical discussion about what reality is. Technology- wise, its special effects seemed to be light years ahead of all other movies and, let's say, "inspired", a lot of other filmmakers. You could also say they shamelessly stole from "The Matrix".

In the middle of all that, Keanu Reeves is a perfect fit as the unwitting and unwilling hero who in the end outgrows himself.

"Speed" has become a real classic in the action genre. Really Really Evil Guy (Dennis Hopper) attaches bomb to bus so that bus cannot go slower than.50 mph. Really Really Good Cop (Keanu Reeves) saves the day and falls in love with Pretty Bus Driver (Sandra Bullock) along the way. The story says it all. Even after 14 years, still an evening of great, not-too-deep entertainment.

Keanu Reeves is John Constantine, a kind of "demon detective" who struggles to keep the balance between the humans' and the demons' world by sending unwanted creatures back to hell.

Keanu does a good job at portraying the disenchanted, cynical anti-hero; plus, he looks dashingly handsome in the black suit and tie he wears throughout the movie. Also, he has a really cool tattoo on his forearms.

The Devil's Advocate
A young and ambitious lawyer (Keanu) finds himself in a terrible predicament when he realizes his new boss and patron (Al Pacino) is actually the devil. There's suspense and there's moral dilemmas - just in the perfect ratio.