The Bad

5. Look Who's Talking Too (1990); Look Who's Talking Now (1993) - We won't even call this a tie for 5th place because, well, they're actually the same movie, right? Sigh. The original was well done and very cute. Why couldn't writer/director Amy Heckerling leave it alone? I guess she was totally "clueless."

4. The Punisher (2004) - John plays bad guy, Howard Saint, very well. In fact, he might be this movie's only saving grace. But really, he could've morphed into Laurence Olivier and still couldn't have saved this comic book clunker. Thomas Jane as the title character has one emotion through the entire film, and it doesn't even come across as the intended one - "rage." It just ends up more like "squinty," if that's even an emotion.

3. Shout (1991) - A total paint-by-numbers coming-of-age drama. While it's true that this film has just about as many clichés as "Dirty Dancing" or "Footloose," those movies at least had some interesting dialogue and plenty of charisma, in the form of Patrick Swayze and Kevin Bacon, respectively. Travolta, who oozes charm, is really stuck in a supporting (yet important) role here, as the movie was meant to be a vehicle for Jamie Walters, otherwise known as Ray Pruitt, the guy who pushed Donna down a flight of stairs on "90210." It also stars a young Heather Graham, Linda Fiorentino, the late Glenn Quinn ("Roseanne"), and Gwyneth Paltrow in her first big-screen role. The real star, though, is Travolta's hair, which was at its fluffy best.

2. Moment By Moment (1978) - Not many people remember this one. Those people are very lucky. It features John Travolta and Lily Tomlin. As LOVERS. 'Nuff said.

1. Battlefield Earth (2000) - Bet you saw this one coming, right? Unfortunately for Travolta, this is not only his worst movie, but also one of the worst movies EVER made. Usually, John is able to bring a certain likeability to all of his roles, even if he's playing a villain, and even if the material isn't that great. "Battlefield Earth" is one horrible exception to that rule. We doubt that even the president of the John Travolta fan club can honestly say that this is anything other than a cinematic disaster.

Battlefield Earth Made Better

So Bad It's Good

Staying Alive (1983) - For anyone dying to know if Tony Manero ever made it out of Bay Ridge, he did…and you might be surprised to find him "staying alive" by dancing in a ridiculous Broadway show called "Satan's Alley!" As with any movie written and directed by Sylvester Stallone, you can't really expect much, but jam-packed with headbands, leg warmers, go-to dancing gal Cynthia Rhodes, and Frank Stallone music, it's a movie that any child of the '80s should love. True Travolta fans will certainly find much to appreciate here - not in the way of storyline, but rather as a time capsule featuring JT's best hair and best body EVER, the latter beautifully decked out in nothing more than a loincloth through much of the second half.

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Story by Becky Broderick

Starpulse contributing writer
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