Why does Barack Obama attract enough attention from musicians that they wish to create a song for him? Is it the fact that this is the point in history where a man of color has a chance to lead the free world? Perhaps it is as simple as the idea that widely-known musicians generally lean to the left on the political spectrum.

Today, musicians have a new medium to release their work on: the Internet - or, more specifically, YouTube. However, since it doesn't cost any money to publish on YouTube, it opens the door to amateur (that's putting it lightly) attempts. Here are the three best music videos dedicated to Barack Obama (with one honorable mention) and the three worst.

The Best

1. "Yes We Can" by will.i.am featuring John Legend
This is an easy pick for the top spot, thanks to a professional production directed by Jesse Dylan (yes, that Dylan). This Emmy-winning video is a simple song following the words spoken by Barack Obama after the 2008 New Hampshire Democratic primary. The video features several celebrities supporting Obama, including Scarlett Johansson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Common, Bryan Greenberg, Kate Walsh, Kelly Hu, Herbie Hancock, and many others.

2. "Black President" by Nas
"Although it seems Heaven sent, we ain't ready to see a black president." Thus spoke Tupac Shakur. Nas turns this pessimistic sentence into a charge for change. Although the statement rings throughout, Nas rallies against it in his lyrics.

New-improved JFK on the way
It ain't the 60's again
Niggas ain't hippies again
We ain't falling for the same traps
Standing on the balconies
Where they shot the King at
McCain got apologies
Ain't nobody hearing that
People need honesty

3. "Barack Obama" by Cocoa Tea
The venerable reggae star lends his voice to Barack Obama in a simple tune. The structure of the candidate's name even lends to a good beat (one, two... one, two, three), and Cocoa Tea fills his song with meaningful lyrics.

Well, this is not about class,
nor color, race, nor creed.
Make no mistake it’s the changes
well all the people dem need
Then I’m a shout out...

Honorable Mention: "Looking for a Leader" by Neil Young
The only reason this isn't on the top list is that Neil wrote this song in 2006, before Obama announced his candidacy. Still, Mr. Young prophesized that this was an election of change - figuring that a woman or a black man could be president in 2008.

Someone walks among us
And I hope he hears the call
And maybe it's a woman
Or a black man after all
Yeah maybe it's Obama
But he thinks that he's too young

The Worst

1. "I Got a Crush...On Obama" by Obama Girl
This song started the infatuation on Obama Girl, and it's hard to imagine any exists after it was revealed she didn't even bother to vote in the primaries despite her "look at me!" pro-Obama videos. Structured musically like it was right out of "Baby's First R&B Production," the stalkerific lyrics would be scary if you weren't too busy laughing at the video. She basically pulls a Forrest Gump and inserts herself next to Barack Obama in archival footage.

I cannot wait, 'til 2008
Baby you’re the best candidate
I like it when you get hard
On Hillary in debate
Why don't you pick up your phone?
'Cause I've got a crush on Obama
I cannot wait, 'til 2008
Baby you’re the best candidate
Of the new oval office
You’ll get your head of state
I can’t leave you alone
‘Cause I’ve got a crush on Obama

2. "Obama is 'The Fresh Prince'" by Some Guy
Okay, so here we have a brilliant idea that was simply executed poorly. If someone can convert the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air intro into a story about Barack Obama, that should be an Internet smash-hit. Unfortunately, this guy has no flow with the music and tries to cram too many syllables into the verses.

See if you can make it past two choruses.

3. "Time for Change" by B-Funk'n Reed
It feels like this guy meant well, but whoever did the levels on this song failed spectacularly. Every chorus was supposed to be played over (or under, it's hard to tell) a speech segment by Obama. Instead, they both are played at the exact same volume, creating an indecipherable mess.

Think you have better picks? Let us know in the comments below.

Story by Casey Johnson

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