Things To Know About Tornado Safety (Tips To Deal With Tornado Season)

Typically, tornado season occurs around March and April; however, considering that weather is never a static thing, tornados can happen at any given time, so it is always good to at least have a plan.

Tornados are an extremely dangerous natural disaster that can completely change someone's life in the span of merely a couple of minutes, if not less.

Signs of A Tornado:


For many, you may luckily already be at home or at a place where you can hear the latest breaking weather news. Listening or watching the news is the best way to stay notified about your local weather, and whether or not it can be safe to leave or stay and get prepared.

Even if you don't have a television, or do not have a way to watch your local weather channel, the next best thing would be to keep your phone on you and allow it to get notified for the latest breaking news.

For those who have neither option, here are some tips that may help you decipher whether a tornado could strike in your location.

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