This week Emily heads home with the four remaining men to visit their families, and we know that it is about to get juicy. We are thrown for a loop as to who she is going to fall for because Jef, Arie, Sean and Chris are all so different. We’ve got the free spirited Entrepreneur, the race car driver, the Ken doll and the softie who had to have the last word in the previous episode. We are very excited to see how their families react to Emily and just how comfortable she is around her future in-laws. So far, all the men are in love with her- now it’s time to meet the parents and see if they can love Emily too.

Emily first heads to Chicago to meet up with Chris and his family. They stroll around the windy city and he takes her to a Polish restaurant because “on a scale of one to ten, he is Polish.” They arrive at the casa de Chris and it couldn’t be more picturesque except for his two sisters awaiting to drill the red hot pants off of Emily. Chris’ dad, John, pulls Emily aside first and you can almost see her heart beating through her chest. When she asks her dad if Chris is ready to be a father, John says that he thinks his son will be able to handle parenthood right off the back with all the support they will need. You can tell the poor girl is nervous as her face turns almost as red as his pants- or maybe it’s just the wine. Meanwhile, Chris chats with his mom and she warns him that even though he may get hurt, he has to fight for her. Chris’ sister, Renee starts questioning Emily and she isn’t easy on her as she tells her flat out that if he isn’t the one, don’t string him along. Chris’ dad tells him that Emily told him that she was falling in love with him, but we didn’t quite hear those exact words- did we miss something? After Chris tells her that he is in love with her, they end the night with some Polish style dancing.

Off to Utah Emily goes to meet Jef’s family on the ranch, the gorgeous Holmstead Ranch. They get in a fun little dune buggy and head out to the middle of the field to shoot some guns, country style. Our favorite line ever out of Emily’s mouth? “Who knew in his skinny jeans, Jef would have such a good shot?” As Emily hits all three clay pigeons, we have a slight suspicion that editing has a huge part of that outcome. As Jef’s parents are out of town doing charity work (we are starting to think Jef is a trust fund baby) it’s a good thing because he has been known to break off a relationship because they weren’t fond of his ex. When Emily gets the first introduction she seems overwhelmed because there is a hefty troop of them. It is absolutely adorable when Jef’s niece comes up out of nowhere and snuggles up on Emily’s nap while she is talking to his sisters. It seems like Emily fits in more with Jef’s family than Chris’. As Jef reads her what he wrote about her on the plane ride back from Prague, practically holding back tears, it makes us wonder why the heck these caring men are in real life! Emily is definitely falling in love with him and we quickly see him moving up as the front runner.

When Emily heads to meet Arie’s family in Scottsdale, we can’t help but wonder how much she thinks about her ex-fiancé when she sees him on the race track. The two suit up as Arie takes her around the track in his Indy car. As scary as it looks, she admitted that she felt safe. I’m sure she peed in her fire suit a bit though. The two sit down by the lake for a picnic and he hits her with the, “my parents are very European and different” line. What does that even mean? It has Emily a little worried. As Arie and Emily head to his family home (and yes, we Googled his dad and he is legit) we can tell they are a very well to do family. They seem a bit awkward but it may just be the southern accent versus the Dutch accent barrier. Then they start speaking Dutch and Emily face is priceless, poor girl. We are so scared of Arie’s mom through the television; we can’t help but think what Emily is feeling, sitting right across from her. And then she brings up the Brad proposal and we could hear Emily swallow hard. After the little chat, she doesn’t seem that bad- she even thinks they would make an awesome couple, phew! Arie seems very confident when he says that he is ready to propose and sees himself marrying Emily.

Last but not least, Emily travels to Dallas to see Sean and meet his family. Right off the bat, Emily gets to meet his dogs, who aren’t afraid to run right up to her and sniff her out. He tells Emily that his last relationship lasted three years and he just simply fell out of love with her and Emily seems a bit worried. Sean tells her he is very excited to see where their relationship is going, but so far he is the only one who hasn’t confessed his love to her. We get it now, he is Emily’s challenge and she adores him. Again, they pull up to the perfect house with the perfect landscaping and the perfect family. Are you sure we aren’t in Malibu because he seriously is a Ken. Then he drops the ball on her and confesses that he still lives at home. Jeez Louise, we thought he was going to say he was married, or was born a woman, or was a robot. As they head into his bedroom, it is clear that he is still living the college life as he has stuffed animals and clothes and food cluttered around his entire room. There goes her perfect man! If she ends up with him, she would be picking up after two kids. But….jokes on her! He made the whole thing up and his family snickers at the practical joke. And we are back to Barbie land. When Emily sits down with Sean’s dad, we can’t help but like him more than we do Sean. Can she pick him instead? His mom drills the fatherhood duty into his head and tells him that Emily is looking for a husband and a father and it is going to be long-term. Will he tell her he loves her or did that reality check scare him away? No love confession yet…

Back in Charlotte, the handsome men have to face the hardest rose ceremony yet as their families are now involved in the mix. But alas, she must send one guy home. The first rose goes to Arie, and we are not at all surprised- she has loved that guy since day one. Jef gets the second rose and we can see that his poem has paid off. Who will be leaving us broken hearted tonight? Sadly, Chris is sent packing tonight without even trying to get a last word in. We can see the hurt and pain in his eyes as he admits that he’s not that shocked but demands an explanation. She couldn’t give him one except that the other relationships moved faster and he seems offended because he told her that he loved her. Sorry, Chris- maybe she just doesn’t like Polish sausage.