As the men take in the culture of Barcelona, Des is excited to fall in love in this beautiful city. But will the guys confront her with their issues with James and his so called desire to be the next Bachelor? Chris Harrison strolls in and lets them know there will be one group date and two one-on-one dates this week but no cocktail party. Is ABC getting cheap on the booze or what? Drew gets the first date card and he and Des will explore the city of Barcelona together. Drew confesses that his dad was an alcoholic and now has cancer and Des tells him that she wants to meet his dad and hopefully she will get to in the hometown dates. During their dinner, he steals her away and throws her up against a wall in the alley for a make out session. Hot! Of course he gets to take home the rose tonight. He then tells Des about what James said on the car ride home and she is pissed!

Who will be going on the group date? Brooks, Chris, Kasey, Michael, James and Juan Pablo which means Zak W. will get the second one-on-one date. The group heads to the soccer stadium to get their butts kicked by Juan Pablo but at least they are having fun with it. The boys will be playing against Des and five other girls who are professional soccer players. As James just stands there in the net not stopping any balls, the girls end up kicking their butts making him look like an idiot. After they change out of their sweaty clothes, Chris and Des sneak away to her bedroom where she reads him a sweet poem she wrote. It looks as though their clothes are getting a bit sweaty again….

The other guys talk downstairs about what they think James’ intent is for being on the show and debate whether or not to confront him. Kasey decides to tell him that he heard what he said in the van and James flat out denies it. Our James meter just hit an all-time low and he seems to blow up specifically at Michael for some reason and tells Chris and Kasey to ‘f off.’ Now that Des knows the truth about James, she decides to confront him and not give out a rose tonight. As James tries to explain himself, we are hoping that Des doesn’t buy his crap. Send that meat head home! She is going to give him one more night in Spain because it’s too late to think about things right now…what a cop out!

Zak W. gets his date with Des the next morning and he is worried that her mind will be elsewhere today. The two will explore their artistic sides as they take an art class together. They decide to draw each other and Des almost pees her pants when she sees his picture. Next up for them to draw, a naked man. Yup, that just happened. Zak decides to be funny and steps away from the room and comes back in his skivvies. The two seem to have a good time together, even though he looks like he belongs in Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum. He definitely gets to take home the rose tonight.

Will Desiree send James home or will she keep him around? As the guys prep for the rose ceremony, we can tell it is heavy in their minds as well. Des pulls James aside for another talk to finally resolve this issue and wants to send his butt packing. But she doesn’t….what is she thinking? Or did the producers make her keep him for the bad boy element? What will happen at the rose ceremony tonight? Desiree gives the first rose to Chris, then Brooks and lastly Michael, sending Juan Pablo, Kasey and James home. Thank goodness for sending James home Des, but Kasey?