The week begins as Ashley is still looming on the idea of Bentley and as the audience we wish we could grab her by the shoulders and tell her to pay attention to the guys that are still here for her. The remaining eleven guys head to Chiang Mai, Thailand with Ashley a new location, a new place for love.  There will be only one one-on-one date, a two-on-one date where she will send one home afterwards and the ever so dreaded group date. The first date card arrives and reveals to the men that Ben F. will get the first one-on-one date in beautiful Chang Mai with Ashley. The two take a motorcycle taxi to the marketplace to go shopping, get lovebirds painted on an umbrella for them then they try their hand at painting their own umbrellas. The two really seem to enjoy each other’s company but we still don’t feel the attraction and chemistry between them. Next, they head to a temple but they can’t embrace in the heated kiss that they have been anticipating because it’s sacrilegious to do so in front of the sacred temple. Ashley and Ben F. then have a nice dinner and chat about Ben’s wine making business in Sonoma and his past love life. She admits can see a future life with him and gives him the rose. Cue the much predictable kiss and his cheesy line-“I feel like a playful giddy puppy love inside.” Yawn.  

Back at the house, the rest of the boys gets the group date card- Constantine,  Ames,  Nick, Blake,  Lucas,  Ryan, J.P. and Mickey are the not so lucky ones who will have to share the Bachelorette.  And by process of elimination, that means the two-on-two date will be between Ben C. and William. The group date will consist of the men getting half naked and sweaty as they beat their chest and show off their manhood for the woman- or a little round of Muay Thai Boxing. We have to admit, it’s pretty hot watching them fight. Polite and smiley Ames is trying so hard to get the nice boy image out of the way and actually shoe his rough side to Ashley, but he ends up falling on his butt and gets stuck wearing the hot pink shorts and gloves. Poor guy.

They seem pretty confident with their skills until they see the Thai boxers getting their butts kicked and the ring and realize they will soon have to face their opponent in front of everyone, including Ashley.  We know from the previews that someone is going home in an ambulance- but who will it be? Up first fighting for the lady’s love-Blake vs. Lucas and they are not taking it easy on each other. Next up is J.P. kicking Mickey’s butt (our two favorites for sure). Then pretty little Ames in his fluorescent pink faces Ryan P. in the ring and we immediately think that he will be the one ending up in the hospital.  Prediction correct- Ames gets knocked out by Ryan P. but tries to stand his ground as he departs the ring dizzy and glassy eyed. Ashley knows something isn’t right and as Nick and Constantine fight to no one’s attention, Ames gets rushed to the ER.  When the group returns to the house, everyone is a little solemn as Ames is still in the hospital and on everyone’s mind but soon enough though he returns to the group “dizzy but good.”  Blake the dentist ends up getting the rose but we’re not sure what he did to deserve it, perhaps got a job in the dental field?

William and Ben C. get the dreaded two-on-two date card signed by Chris Harrison instead of Ashley and it is determined that William is now a certified d*bag as his arrogance overtakes the show. Is it just us or are a lot of these guys non-memorable? Each time she sits down with one of the blondes- we forget who they are. Sorry boys but you are just not standing out to us- you better step up your game! The two take Ashley on a raft ride down the river as the elephants spray water on them and William starts laying on the Smart Alec one-liners. He immediately throws Ben C. under the bus and pulls Ashley aside to tell her that he was bragging to the others that he can’t wait to hot the online dating sites hard after this. Honestly, who says that? We realize that William loves to make Ashley feel insecure- where do us ladies line up to date him? But Ashley believes William and sends Ben C. home right away. But when William and Ashley sit down for dinner we know his fate. After he blurts out that he is a thirty year old boy who still wants to play aka isn’t ready to get married, Ashley gives him the boot as well. You can tell by the way she looks at him that she has resented him ever since the roast when he made that comment about Chantal and Emily. We still feel like ever since Bentley left she has shut off everyone and still thinks she loves that jerk.  She tells Chris Harrison that she wants to talk to Bentley one last time before she can move on with the others.

*Spoiler Alert- Constantine gets the first rose in a boring, non-dramatic rose ceremony; the third guy of the episode to go home is Nick. Next week they will head to Hong Kong for some sightseeing and much needed drama as Bentley supposedly returns.