As Bachelorette Andi and the men who follow her every footstep continue on to Brussels, the tension has upped dramatically. Six men enter, four men leave- and those four men have the privilege of showing Andi off to their closest family members. Not surprisingly, the men are all chirping on various versions of the great "L" word. Many of them also wear fashionable scarves. Because of tension.

And this week, the first one-on-one recipient is Marcus. The two of them stroll around Brussels, just taking in the culture. No rose, no stress, no drama- except for Andi, who continually harps on the fact that Marcus wanted to leave a few weeks ago (because Andi will not tolerate any disobedience from the menfolk). But he turns it around by telling her his flighty feelings were really just love orr something. Andi seems to buy it, so we're all good.

Over dinner, the conversation takes a darker turn. Marcus's dad left and he was abused as a kid, which left its share of scars. "Scary times," says Andi, making a thoughtful duckface. But the treacherous waters of conversation are navigated, and Marcus gets his non-rose.

Then, in a surprise twist, we're getting two one-on-ones! In a row! Number two is with Josh, and this disgusts Nick, who considers himself the God-King of all Bachelorettedom. Sorry Nick, you'll have to wait until the group date to ascend to your floating throne.

Or he could ascend right now. Nick lies his way to a copy of Andi's room key (creepy), and heads to her room for a little Andi time. They gibber about marriage and what feelings feel like, and carry on like a couple of middle school kids. Gross, guys.

After Andi's secret tryst with Nick comes her regularly scheduled tryst with Josh. They eat the fabled Belgian chocolate and view the fabled Belgian marching geese- and yes, that is a real thing:

But Andi doesn't care for these synchronized geese or the scrumptious chocolate contained within them (caution: Belgian geese are not actually filled with chocolate). She wants feelings. Case in point: Josh happens to mention the word "feelings" in conversation and Andi's ears perk up like a hunting dog's. But if Josh isn't in love after two dates, what becomes of them? Well, she's in luck, because Josh drops a "love" in their post-dinner conversation and her eyes light up. She's finally got the television-approved romance she's wanted for so long. They end the night to the soothing sounds of American Young, which Andi dutifully describes as "a band."