For our fifth week of The Bachelorette (not counting last week's, which was basically a clip show), Andi's selection of male concubines has been pared down to just eleven. But with less contestants, it's now far cheaper for ABC to send the cast to France. So to France we must go!

As soon as the group arrives in Marseille, the stakes seem higher. Some of the menfolk have still not had any significant alone time with Andi, and for obvious reasons, they've begun mentally unraveling. Andi, meanwhile, is asked by our intrepid host Chris Harrison if she's considered the L word for any of these fine fellows. First, she screams a swear word. Then comes the confession: yes, she has, and for more than one guy. Oooooh.

But enough about that- now it's time for our first romantic encounter of this two hour block, and the lucky winner here is...


Josh, as you may recall, is a professional athlete. Andi primarily dates professional athletes, and has ended up scorned by more than one sportsman. So she's a little hesitant before taking the plunge with Josh, worrying he might be a big dumb athlete prettyboy with little underneath.

Josh, of course, is astute enough to know what she's feeling. And that's why he spends their entire date saying nothing but the word "sports." Josh loves sports. He relates to his daily emotions via sports. And he's the consummate king of all of them. Baseball, football, tennis, golf- he could beat Andi at any one. Even ones they haven't invented yet.

One has to wonder, when Josh closes his eyes and kisses her... is he thinking about sports?

As Josh recounts last night's episode of "SportsCenter," he and Andi take a luxurious boat ride, and check out some neat rocks. And when the two of them stroll up to Palais Longchamp, the question on everyone's minds is: Will he drop another  S-bomb?

Amazingly, Andi beats him to it, venting her concerns that his heart may, in fact, be a baseball. But Josh manages to open up, and after some intense conversation, Josh finally gets his sports.

Excuse me. His rose. And also a private concert from whoever ABC dangled their national TV appearance carrot in front of this week (the answer? Ben Fields, apparently).

Meanwhile, strange games are afoot at the official Bachelorette-sanctioned Marseille hotel. You see, not only did Andrew kind-maybe-sorta get a girl's number a few weeks ago, he might also have referred to Marquel and Ron, "The Bachelorette's" two African-American contestants, as "blackies." Or maybe he was misheard, and he just said "black guys." Given the context, though, neither is particularly pleasant.

And now Marquel knows. He treads with caution, as he's clearly seen this show before, and knows that carrying the stink of drama on your person is a cardinal Bachelorette sin. Dude drama can quickly become a swirling vortex, resulting in the immediate expulsion of every single man involved. But Marquel is genuinely hurt by Andrew's potential remark, and letting his guard down may mean the vortex claims another victim.