Emily and her six remaining men are headed to Prague, Czech Republic this week, the week before she will pick the lucky four bachelors who will show her around their hometowns. What’s in store for us this week, Chris Harrison? Three one-on-one dates where no roses will be given out, and a group date with one rose up for grabs. The first date card goes to Arie and the two will be ‘Czeching’ out Prague together- Bah Dum Ching! They seem like they are a newlywed couple on their honeymoon strolling through the streets of Prague hand in hand, until Emily mentions that she knows a big secret about Arie that he hasn’t revealed to her... she hints to him that she knows something when she makes him rub the statue that represents loyalty twice.

As Chris Harrison addresses the audience as though he is giving a Public Service Announcement, he tells us that Arie has had a relationship with Cassie, one of the Bachelorette producers, several years ago. She interviews Emily on camera in a very awkward ‘present girlfriend meets ex-girlfriend’ moment. Emily is a little upset that Arie never brought up the fact that the two knew each other, let alone dated. It makes the date a little reminiscent of a job interview as Emily fires questions at him but he avoids telling her the truth about his past relationship with the producer and preaches about honesty. We are not sure what to think about that....as Chris explains in his PSA, the three later talked about it and Arie explained that since the relationship was so brief, he didn’t feel the need to bring it up. Ouch to Cassie the producer! As the romance magically sprung back into Arie and Emily’s date, Arie looks into her eyes and tells her that he is in love with her. You can tell she wants to say it back but ABC obviously told her she can’t, at least not yet. Bring on the fireworks! Isn’t that what happened the first time your boyfriend told you he loved you, ladies?

The next one-on-one date card goes to John as Chris admits that he is livid because he hasn’t had any alone time with Emily since they left the states. Emily and John meet up for their date and the two get on a boat to view the beautiful architecture Prague has to offer, followed by a stroll to the John Lennon wall where the two make their mark in the city together. Although they seem to be enjoying each other’s company, there isn’t an obvious chemistry like there is between her and Arie. And what’s more romantic than dinner in a dungeon? Maybe he is trying to scare the chemistry into her? John tells Emily how his ex-girlfriend cheated on him and as he opens up with his past, you can tell she is definitely feeling his vibe. He feels that he would rather open up and be vulnerable now than be sent home early and regret being closed off. We like John and are hoping his tactics pay off and he will win a hometown date with Emily.

Back at the hotel, the men read the group date card to find out Doug, Sean and Chris are the unlucky three. Sean can’t hold it in any longer as he searches the streets of Prague yelling Emily’s name, hoping to talk to her alone before the group date. Bingo! His Bachelorette navigation system located the target and told her that he wasn’t thrilled about getting the group date card but he wanted to see her first. What does he think this is, A Streetcar Named Desire? “Stella!” Did they end up making out against a brick wall in the alley in that movie?

The three guys meet up with Emily the next day for the group date, umbrellas in hand, to zip around the city in a horse drawn carriage and explore an old castle. First up to steal Emily away for a little one on one time is Doug, the guy Emily almost sent home last week. Can he prove to her this week that she should keep him around? He starts to get a little nervous again as he freaks out when his leg accidentally brushes against hers. What is with this guy? Emily admits to him that she has been fighting for him since day one but he isn’t fighting back for her yet. Doug proves her wrong and gives her a passionate kiss mid-sentence, okay let’s rephrase that- gives her a kiss you would get from the guy that the bottle pointed to during a game of Spin the Bottle. She continues to tell him that she still isn’t feeling it and sends him home, humiliated and sad. He was a little too soft spoken and sensitive for us too, Emily. Goodbye Doug!

Sean gets the chance to talk to Emily first and it is visible that Chris is fuming. On his turn to speak alone with Emily, he tells her straight up that he is upset that he hasn’t had a one-on-one date since Charlotte. She apologizes like a true Southern Belle and gives him a big smooch. Who will get that rose though? Our money is on Sean. And we are right, Sean locks in the first spot in the hometown date episode as Chris clearly lets his anger show to Emily.

As Emily and Jef embark on their date, Chris is still miserable and moping around. Jef and Emily begin their date with a puppet show as they take their personalized marionettes home with them- he even takes a little princess marionette as a souvenir for Emily’s daughter, Ricki and she is in awe of his gesture.  She definitely digs him and admits that she can see a future with Jef as they express their feeling to each other through their puppets. It’s very cute in a creepy way as Jef’s ‘puppet’ tells Emily’s ‘puppet’ that he is in love with her. Not only does it give us butterflies, but it makes us want to watch Pinocchio. On that note, Jef slides into the frontrunner position in our eyes. Confidently, he tells Emily about his family back home in South Carolina having faith that she will be meeting them next week. He puts the pressure on Emily as he tells her that he has broken up with girl in the past that his parents didn’t like.

Back at the hotel, the pressure is getting to Chris and we have a feeling that his negative emotions are going to get the best of him and he won’t get a rose tonight. If he really wants to be with Emily, he better get past those negative thoughts and focus on her. Keep your eyes on the prize, buddy!

As the rose ceremony gets closer and closer, Emily sits down with Chris Harrison and expresses her concerns to him about Chris. She decides once again that she doesn’t want to put the guys through the cocktail party because she already has her mind made up. Chris Harrison tells the guys that they will not have any extra time with Emily and Chris gets extremely worried that he will be the one going home tonight. Will he break the rules and pull her aside anyways or suck it up and live with the regret of taking the week in Prague for granted?

When Emily comes out to face the men at elimination time and hands the first two roses to Jef and Arie, Chris mans up and tells her he needs to talk before they get down to serious business. With the final rose in her hand, Emily seems shocked when Chris pulls her away for some unexpected one-on-one time. As he apologizes to her for being disrespectful this week and confesses his love for her, she tells him she appreciates the thoughtful words and ultimately gives him the final rose, sending John home. Chris is one lucky man that he had the guts to speak up!