Tonight the ladies of The Bachelor sat down with Chris Harrison to tell all about Ben, the other ladies and their broken hearts. Let the catfights begin! One thing we know off the bat is there will definitely be a Bachelor Pad 3. All of the drama and the steamy hookups of the past contestants will continue. Ali and Frank? Ryan P. and any single girl? Michelle Money- again? We can’t wait!

First lady up on the chopping block? Blakely. The clips roll from the show as the ladies watch on calling her a “stripper” and way too competitive. Blakely admits that it wasn’t a competition and she was there for Ben solely. Samantha can’t hold her comments in and yells at Blakely for not being friends with any of the other girls. Blakely doesn’t regret the way she acted but wishes her guards weren’t up as much. Cop out.

Chris moves on to Brittany and acts her why she left. Point blank- she said there was no attraction towards Ben which was why she went home. Way to go girl. Here comes Samantha, the chirping little Chihuahua, screeching about the mean bullies in the house until Brittany shuts her down. As Chris and the ladies reminisce about Shawntel crashing the party, she shows up again to talk about that night. Immediately the women start squawking about her having thick thighs and not being pretty in person- ouch! They all watch as she gets rejected by Ben after her attempt to rekindle their connection that we think may have just been a one night stand.

Next up in the hot seat is Emily, the girl who was brutally honest about Courtney to Ben, fell in love but ultimately got dumped. Once she warned Ben about Courtney, she admits there was a negative cloud that loomed over their relationship and she admits that she is glad that she didn’t end up with someone who would want to be with a girl like Courtney. Emily says if he does choose Courtney, “he made his bed and he can lie in it.”

Nicki talks about her time with Ben and how he broke her heart as her new BFF Kacie B. watches on and shares the pain. Her departure was one that brought tears to our eyes for sure. She admits that she was shocked when she didn’t get the rose and still has some questions for Ben. Next we have to watch Kacie B.’s emotional goodbyes as she watched on from center stage with Chris. Next up, the black widow herself- Courtney…  

They bring her out and the girls immediately start to heat up. Her laugh and that ripped off Charlie Sheen phrase, “winning” is going to drive us to drink. Heavily. She was in it to win it. Is it just us or does Erika look like Count Chocula? That is for making the rude comment towards Shawntel! They all agree that Courtney is not a nice, genuine person and was the bully of the house. Apparently after being in a confined, sound proof room backstage and not hearing anything the girls said about her, Courtney comes out to defend her actions. Blakely lashes out first and asks what she ever did to call her a stripper and the rest of the girls start to comment and throw their comments at Courtney. As all the girls are lashing out at her, Courtney seems to be more somber than she was on the show and asks as though she is regretful of everything that she did on the show. We agree that she is only here on the show to repair her image. Courtney is visibly upset and starts to tear up. Losing! Where can we hire her publicist?

Last but not least, the man of the hour- Ben. His opening line is, “Welcome to my nightmare.” Jennifer starts the questioning with, “What did Blakely have that I didn’t?” Can we answer that? Then follows up her statement by saying he could never take Blakely home to meet his parents- ouch! After Nicki asks Ben when the doubts about her came into play, he couldn’t answer her but admits that she is a wonderful woman. Jamie basically tells him that if things don’t work out with him and his current fiancé (Courtney or Lindzi?) she will always think he is fabulous and he can call her. After seeing a few deleted scenes, we can say that Ben is even more of a dork than we initially thought. We were a little disappointed that Jenna the blogger didn’t get a chance to say anything, or cry for that matter. We can’t wait to see who Ben proposes to next week- will it be Courtney or Lindzi? Tune in next week to find out who the future Mrs. Flajnik will be.