As only eight girls remain in Juan Pablo’s pool, the crew heads to New Zealand to see who will make it into his heart forever. And by forever, we mean for the next couple of months. Sorry to be skeptical but we just don’t see JP as a one-woman kind of guy. The first date card arrives at the girls’ romantic, calm and peaceful house on the river and it goes to Andi… finally! As she preps for her one-on-one date tomorrow, Cassandra and Renee discuss how hard it is being away from their sons. 

JP and Andi hop on a speedboat and head out onto the river to begin their adventure together. The two strip down to their bathing suits (and what a revealing suit Andi has on) and jump into the cold and dark lagoon with no clue where their path will lead them. They find their way to a secluded hot springs waterfall where the two have a sexy make out session. Later that night, the two have dinner in front of a geyser and really connect on a deep level while the geyser explodes in the background. It’s like a movie set as the two get soaked and in the end, she gets the rose.

As the rest of the girls wait for Andi to get back home, the second date card arrives for Sharleen, Chelsie, Renee, Nikki, Kat and Cassandra meaning Clare will once again have a one-on-one date. Ugh, Clare. As the group walks through the green pasture and down the hill, they find out that they will be rolling down the hill in these wet hamster balls. How fun is that!? After their day, the ladies head to Hobbiton where they filmed the Lord of the Rings. Juan Pablo pulls Renee away first for some alone time as Cassandra, the birthday girl, sits back and watches her precious time with him slip away from her. We definitely think that she will be in the top three. But who will get the rose tonight? Judging by the way he can’t keep his hands off Sharleen, we think it may go to her. And, yes, we were right. Suddenly, JP pulls Cassandra aside and tells her that he doesn’t feel anything towards her and sends her home. It’s not a big shock to us because you can clearly see the lack of chemistry between them when they are together. 

On Clare and Juan Pablo’s date, they talk about what happened the other night and JP tells her everything is okay. And just like that the two make up and seal it with a kiss. But then Clare starts pushing the conversation towards boundaries and what they did wrong the other night. Just get over it, Clare! After their picnic/make out session the two have dinner back at his place (isn’t he breaking all of those boundaries he just set?) and she gets her rose. What a boring date that was!

Chelsie and Kat start to open up to Juan Pablo that night at the cocktail party and although they are trying their little hearts out, we don’t really see the chemistry between either of them. At the rose ceremony later that night, as Sharleen, Andi and Clare are already safe, he hands the first rose to Nikki, then Renee and lastly Chelsie sending Kat home crying. We saw that coming! Stay tuned for next week when JP and the remaining six (if doubtful Sharleen even makes it) journey to Miami.