Sean and the remaining three ladies head to Thailand where they will embark on an overnight adventure together. Sean compares Catherine, AshLee and Lindsay and still seems torn as to who will be his wife. He thinks Catherine is goofy, silly and nerdy but his relationship with AshLee is no doubt the strongest out of all three and he absolutely adores her. And then there is Lindsay, who he feels has grown so much since her first crazy night on the show. Who will he pick to spend the rest of his life with? Or at least the next few months with, if he keeps up with The Bachelor trend?

Lindsay gets to spend day one with Sean and the two tour Thailand in a little motorized cart as Sean can’t seem to keep his lips off of her face. He asks Lindsay if she is adventurous with her food choices as they pull up to a market and we think that there are some bugs in her future. The two dine on a grasshopper, chicken feet and a larva- how romantic! After their snack, Lindsay and Sean head to the beach to feed some monkeys and he tells her that she is the best friend that he has been looking for. Lindsay is still hesitant to tell him that she loves him but is afraid that if she doesn’t tell him soon, she may lose him. When the two get the invitation to the fantasy suite, Lindsay can’t say no and they walk hand in hand to their love shack….and she tells him that she loves him. We think Lindsay is winning the race to Sean’s heart at this point in the competition.

The next morning, after his night with Lindsay, Sean picks up AshLee for their date. The two will be heading to their own private beach, by way of swimming through a dark cave. Sean aka the ABC producers love to test this poor girl and her trust/abandonment issues. As AshLee starts to freak out a little bit, Sean seems a bit annoyed that he has to navigate the two of them through the cave. This is not as fun as his date with Lindsay…will this lead to AshLee’s finale? Then we hear a few giggles and see the light at the end of their tunnel and think she may be around a bit longer in Sean’s life. Even though the two seem to have great chemistry together and Sean repeatedly tells her that she is amazing, we aren’t seeing that spark between them like we do with Sean and Lindsay. Nonetheless, she accepts the date to the fantasy suite, not before telling him what engagement ring (including the size) she wants…round two for Sean!

On day three, Catherine runs up to Sean on the beach like a three year old and we are immediately turned off. Of course she screams out “I’m the Queen of the world” while the two are standing on the front of the boat….is she even old enough to drink? We just can’t see Catherine getting married anytime soon and we are starting to think Sean can’t either. The two go snorkeling together but it looks like he only wants to go deep sea diving in her mouth…maybe that’s why she hasn’t told him she loves him yet. Catherine keeps telling Sean that she is weird which was endearing the first few times, now we are wondering what her dark secrets are…is she a cat hoarder or something? Weird or not, she accepts her night with Sean in the fantasy suite.

Sean sits down to talk with Chris Harrison about the moment Emily broke his heart and admits that it has been in the back of his mind the entire time. He knows at this moment though, who he will be sending home and realizes that she will have her heart broken as she rides back home in the limo. Sean is extremely confident that he has already found his wife. We can’t wait to see who she is but have no idea how he will let one of these three ladies go! Sean watches the video messages the girls have made for him as he gets ready for the rose ceremony and gets ready to send one home.

As the girls line up together and wait for their love, we can’t imagine how awkward this moment must be for them as they know the other ladies feel the same way. Side note- did AshLee get breast implants before she got on the plane to Thailand? As the rain pours down like tears, Sean grabs the first rose and hands it to Lindsay. He gives the last rose to Catherine and as AshLee looks like she is going to have a breakdown, we can’t help but feel sorry for her and think that he made the wrong decision. She doesn’t even want to say goodbye to Sean and her eyes are throwing daggers at him and she rides back home, pissed off. Poor girl…at least she’s got a great rack though! Stay positive AshLee, he wasn’t the man for you!