This week on The Bachelor, the remaining thirteen girls are that much closer to winning Sean’s heart and their eyes sparkle when Chris Harrison tells them that Sean does in fact see his wife in the roomful of girls. Cue Sean in his underwear getting ready for the date card that Chris left for the ladies. This is getting ridiculous, ABC, seriously, enough with the shirtless shots! This season should have been called The Half-Naked Bachelor. The first date card of the evening goes to Selma, where she and Sean will “turn up the heat.” She admits she wants to take it to the next level, then the next and then have babies….there’s nothing like rushing it along, girl! Leslie, the poker dealer, is visibly upset that she didn’t get a one-on-one as Selma skips off to get ready for her Prince Charming.

Sean comes to pick up Selma and admits that he has had a connection with her from day one. Judging by her attire of yoga pants and a sports bra, we are thinking that some sort of athletic activity is in store. The two pull up to the airport, where they will board a private jet and head off to Joshua Tree National Park…much less glamorous than she expected, we are sure. Right off the bat she says, “I don’t do well in the heat!” Sean is definitely in for it. The two go for a beautiful hike and all Selma can say about the amazing landscape is, “I feel puffy.” You can take the Princess out of the castle…..Surprisingly, Selma does pretty well leading Sean on the rock climb, with a few nice cleavage shots along the way, may we add and the two make it to the top. The Princess won the heart of her Prince with her fearlessness and the two cap off the night with a dinner at a makeshift RV park. You said it Selma- ‘country glam!’ But because of her Arabic culture, Selma refuses to kiss Sean on national television…although this could pose a problem, she does get the rose.

Back at home, the remaining twelve hopefuls receive the group date card, much to their dismay. Lindsay, Robyn, Jackie, Catherine, Amanda, AshLee, Sarah and Tierra will be 'rolling with the punches' with Sean and Tierra looks as though she wants to punch all the girls in the face. The limo comes to pick up the girls and they head off to a warehouse (after a few mimosas) for some roller derby. Oh boy, here come the claws! The ‘Derby Dolls’ from Los Angeles, will teach these girls the game and they will compete at the end for their man. Amanda lies and says she has done this before as Robyn struggles to stay on her feet...this should be good. Sarah seems to be struggling more than the other girls because she has a disadvantage having only one arm, as AshLee (and then Sean) tries to give her the confidence she needs. Amanda is showing off a little and she crashes face first into the floor, smacking her chin and forcing her to go to the hospital with a possible fractured jaw. Sean is definitely making these ladies fight for him but ends up changing his mind and having a roller disco party instead. Phew, they dodged that bullet!

Later that evening, the ladies head to The Roosevelt hotel (sans Amanda) where they will have a romantic dinner on the rooftop and hopefully some one-on-one time with Sean. Sarah is pulled away first and Sean praises her for her self-assurance that day in the rink. Tierra is clearly being a snob to the other girls and just as she is ready to steal Sean away, Amanda appears and has a few minutes alone with him courtesy of the sympathy card she is playing.

The ladies back home get the last one-on-one date card of the night and it goes to Leslie, along with some diamond earrings. Yeah, girl! Robyn and Tierra start to butt heads and bicker like high schoolers and Tierra gets up and says she doesn’t trust anyone and wants to leave. She goes looking for Sean (who is making out with Lindsay) and has a major meltdown saying that she is fed up with the other girls’ ‘fakeness.’ Just as Lindsay was about to get her moment alone in the hot tub with Sean, Tierra steals him away with tears in her eyes. It amazes us how jealously takes over these women like they didn’t know they were competing against a dozen other women for Sean’s heart. Have they seen The Bachelor? Sean eats it right up though and ditches Lindsay to bring Tierra the rose. What a sneaky b*^&h!!! Next stop on The Bachelor train? Manipulation Station!

The next morning Leslie is super, duper, duper excited for her date with Sean.  He picks her up in a snazzy car, her clad in the new diamond bling, him in an awkward vest and the two ride off to Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills (as the tourists snap their souvenir ‘celebrity’ photos on their iPhones). Sean buys her a dress, a purse and a pair of shoes; they have a Pretty Woman moment in the store and the two head off to Neil Lane for a rented million dollar necklace. Their romantic dinner will now turn into a threesome- Sean, Leslie and the hired security guard. We aren’t really a fan of Leslie (nor her cheesy comments and squeaky sound effects) and as Sean’s body movements are showing us, neither is he. These two don’t have a connection and it turns out to be a bit awkward. We aren’t surprised that Leslie doesn’t get a rose at the end of their date. She doesn’t leave without attempting to throw a few girls under the bus though and hints to Sean that he needs to be careful. At least she gets to keep those diamonds! We had to laugh as Sean is left in his tux alone, listening to Sade, as he drops the lone rose off the balcony.

The ladies get all glammed up for the cocktail hour before the rose ceremony and Sean tells them that if they aren’t feeling it with him, like he wasn’t with Leslie; they need to confront him and let him know. He pulls AshLee aside first, tells her she is amazing and gives her a sweet kiss. We can tell that he genuinely loves her spirit. Robyn tries to impress Sean with her chocolate jokes and asks him if he would like a piece of chocolate or a piece of her chocolate, wink wink. Tierra surely brought her sass (and her chest) tonight and ends up pulling Robyn and Jackie aside to apologize to them, hoping to squash the feud. The girls accept her apology but it was definitely forced and no one buys her genuineness.

As the rose ceremony begins, we can tell there is still tension in the air. Sean doesn’t seem to sense any friction among the girls though- maybe he is smarter without his shirt on? The first rose of the night goes to Catherine, then Des, Lindsay, Lesley, Robyn, AshLee, Sarah, Jackie and lastly Daniella. Sean sends Kristy home tonight and we too surprised considering she has a split personality! Stay tuned for next week, Bachelor lovers…