Juan Pablo and the remaining eleven girls head to Vietnam to continue their quest for love this week on The Bachelor.  As the girls enter the lavish hotel together we are wondering if this a commercial for scarves- why is every girl wearing one? Huh! The first one-on-one date card arrives for Renee and as she preps for her date, we can’t help but wonder if she will finally have her first kiss with JP.

The two meet up in the city and he takes her for a ride in a pedi-cab. They actually look like a longtime married couple walking hand-in-hand together through the streets. JP buys Renee a custom tailored dress to wear even though she is sweating profusely through her tank top and shorts. At least he gets her a fan to cool her off. He makes a cute gesture and buys a dress for his daughter, Camila and a hat for Renee’s son, Ben. When Renee shows up for dinner in her new dress, it’s obvious that he is taken aback by her. Will the two share the long awaited kiss tonight? Abso-freaking-lutely…not! But of course she gets the rose. 

Back at the house, the next date card comes for Sharleen, Chelsie, Kat, Cassandra, Clare, Kelly, Alli, Danielle and Andi meaning Nikki will get the last one-on-one date. Even though it is a group date, Clare and JP are riding in the boat together, sneaking away to kiss and making the other girls furious. He just loves kissing her and she just loves making the other girls jealous! Welcome to Clare’s one-on-one date, ladies!

As Andi starts to doubt JP’s feelings for her, he assures her that he wants her there yet he pulls Clare away first to have some alone time with her…in the pool. It’s odd to us that he has no problem making out with Clare and Andi and Sharleen but he won’t kiss Renee. JP is a little bit of a player now, isn’t he? But who will get the rose tonight? Lucky Clare, that’s who. And she may or may not have gotten lucky later on that night too when she surprises him in the middle of the night with a knock on the door and a midnight swim.

On Nikki’s one-on-one date, the two sit down and chat first before embarking on their adventure in Vietnam. They end up at Marble Mountain in a cave nicknamed ‘Hell’ where they will be plummeting to the bottom together. Nikki works up her courage and follows JP down the hole to ‘Hell.’ At dinner, the two make out a little, adding her to his list of kissing buddies aka not Renee and he gives her the rose securing her spot in the top ten.

Before the rose ceremony, Juan Pablo tells the ladies that he will be sending three girls home tonight which dampens the mood in the room. At least Nikki, Renee and Clare have nothing to worry about. He pulls Andi aside first and nonchalantly assures her again that she will be safe tonight. And Renee finally gets her first kiss with Juan Pablo tonight! JP pulls Clare aside and tells her that he feels that he is being unfair to the other girls by sneaking away with her and he wouldn’t want his daughter to see the way they acted in the ocean.

Poor Clare! We think he is going to send Danielle and Alli home tonight but who will be the third girl to pack her bags and head back to the U.S.? After Chris Harrison makes his nightly appearance to announce the rose ceremony, the first rose goes to Sharleen, then Cassandra, Chelsie, Kat and last Andi, sending Danielle, Kelly and Alli home. Stay tuned next week when JP and the remaining eight girls head to New Zealand for more drama, make out sessions and jealousy.