This week, Juan Pablo takes the remaining girls to his hometown of Miami, but will Sharleen make it to the end or bail out leaving JP crying? After Juan Pablo goes home and reunites with his daughter, the girls wonder if they will have a chance to meet her on this trip. As Sharleen contemplates her feelings for Juan Pablo, he confesses to his cousin that she could be the one…really? As he personally hands Sharleen the one-on-one date card the girls are as confused as she is as to why he is so taken aback by her. The two board a yacht together to hopefully figure things out…or just make out. So far, the two seem to be getting along just fine- they can’t keep their hands off each other! Although they may seem like a strange couple, we think they are adorable together. But will she stay meaning that he will meet her parents?

The next date card arrives at the girls’ hotel and it goes to Nikki. He meets her at a flower shop to make a bouquet for Camila’s dance recital. He must really like her to bring her around his entire family, including his ex. Nikki seems right at home with the family and even gets to kiss Camila after her performance. Next up he takes her to his work at the Florida Marlins field. What is this, the life of Juan Pablo? And will Nikki fit into that life? She confesses to us that she is in love with him but hasn’t shared her feelings with him yet. Meanwhile, Sharleen tells the girls that she will be going home tonight and is on her way to tell JP now. She dumps him with such class and although she seems crushed, he actually seems more crushed and even sheds a tear! We certainly saw that coming! Is this a clue into who will be the next Bachelorette?

Chelsie, Clare, Andi and Renee will be going on the group date, which will end in a rose, and a guaranteed spot in the hometown dates episode. The girls slap on some very sexy water shoes as they ascend from a seaplane and onto the beach with Juan Pablo. Whoever gets the rose at the end of the date will also get to extend their date into the night as well as take JP home to meet their family. As Andi breaks down and acts vulnerable around Juan Pablo again, we can’t help but think he is getting sick of her insecurities. But in the end the rose goes to Andi. Hmmm, we guess Clare couldn’t win this time! Andi and JP will continue on their date as the other girls get sent back to the hotel. The two go dancing together at a club while Clare and Nikki have it out back at the hotel (which is way more interesting). Meow!

During the cocktail hour, the girls are nervous as to who will be going home tonight. Nikki and Andi separate themselves from the group to talk about Clare as Nikki assumes that she will be safe tonight- but will she? We love how the producers made Nikki and Clare sit in silence together as the audience grinded their teeth with awkwardness. As Andi is the only one holding the rose, the first rose at the ceremony is handed to Nikki (aw, shucks Clare) then Clare and lastly Renee, sending Chelsie home in tears. And although Juan Pablo seems upset about it, we saw that one coming for sure! Stay tuned for next week when JP will be heading home with the remaining four girls.