As the fight for Juan Pablo’s heart is getting stronger, the remaining thirteen girls will head to South Korea to show their love overseas. Although saying goodbye to his daughter, Camila is hard, he will no doubt have a blast with the ladies. Awaiting them when they touch down is the first date card- two group dates and a one-on-one date. Chelsie, Cassandra, Elise, Danielle, Kat and Nikki will head out on the first group date with JP to watch 2NE1 perform- the top ‘K-pop’ group in Korea. Not only will the girls be watching them perform but they will be learning 2NE1’s dance and performing it with Juan Pablo in front of their fans at the mall. As the other girls can’t wait for their performance, Nikki is terrified while Kat seems to be overdoing it. While the rose is on the line, we wonder if JP will pick the shy girl who starts the cattiness or the rambunctious one…he goes out on a limb and gives the rose to Nikki. More drama!

Back at the hotel room, the next date card arrives and goes to Sharleen. That lucky girl gets the one-on-one with JP! The two walk around in the city market, buy a few souvenirs and eat some odd tasting food. Sharleen’s dry personality seems to impress JP but the girls don’t see the connection. We don’t care what the other girls think, those two are adorable together…until he forces her to sing. Nope, he’s just impressed even more (even though she admits she doesn’t want kids) and gives her the rose.

On the next group date Andi, Renee, Clare, Lauren, Kelly and Alli meet JP to sing karaoke. Way to put them in an awkward situation! Next he takes them to get fish pedicures…interesting date JP. He pulls Renee away from the group first and she is hoping to steal her first kiss with him. But he decides to take it slow with her and she will have to wait another night. And he also shoots down Lauren in an uncomfortable moment. And as Clare starts being over possessive of her man and manages to steal a kiss, the cattiness in this group begins too. At the end of the night, he ends up giving the rose to Andi.

JP definitely feels the tension in the room as Clare confronts Nikki about her fakeness with the girls. It takes one to recognize one! During the rose ceremony, Lauren is feeling the pressure in the ‘friend zone’ she somehow established with Juan Pablo as the first rose of the night goes to Renee. The next rose is given to Chelsie, Kelly, Danielle, Cassandra, Alli, Clare and Kat sending Elise and Lauren home. Is it just us or does Kat resemble Kate Gosselin? Stay tuned next week to see JP romance the ladies in Vietnam.