Tierra and Jackie will be going on a double date with Sean where one of them will get the rose and the other will go home.  As the two are getting ready and packing their bags for the date, Tierra is already scheming to get rid of Jackie and is being extremely malicious about it. The two meet Sean, as he rides up on a white horse like a ‘knight in shining armor,’ surprisingly he is wearing a shirt. The girls saddle up and the three of them ride together into the sunset. Tierra giggles and says, “Jackie doesn’t know that she is on a date with me and my husband!” As if Jackie’s horse is on Tierra’s side, it seems to keep his distance from Sean and Tierra’s horses. Jackie pulls Sean aside and tells him that she isn’t a fake and what he sees is what he gets. She stumbles with her words as she tells him that Tierra flirted with another man at the airport and isn’t always who she is around Sean as she is around the girls. The three get back to the house where the single rose is in the middle of their dinner table- talk about awkward. Sean pulls Tierra aside and the two go outside for a talk- let the brainwashing begin! She tells Sean a sap story about her ex-boyfriend who died on her and she is scared of losing someone again….of course she is going to get the rose now, and she does. She’s so manipulative! Poor Jackie is sent home crying in the limo.

The remaining ten head into the lodge for the pre-rose ceremony cocktail hour and the girls are sad that Jackie went home instead of Tierra. Sean pulls Desiree aside first and points out that Sean does in fact give roses to the girls who have the most drama and get upset easily. He is a sucker for the ‘victims.’ The two seem very open with each other and Sean assures her that he is sincere about her but after Desiree tells him that he is unpredictable, he is left a bit confused. Tierra suddenly storms out of the room, trying to play the victim but Robyn won’t let her get away with it. She confronts her and wants to squash the tension but Tierra takes it the wrong way and Robyn’s plan backfires. Tierra tells the ladies that she doesn’t appreciate the looks she gets every time she walks into the room. Can you say bipolar?  Luckily, Sean walks through the room at the very moment Tierra is getting all up in Robyn’s face. Will he finally see the Tierra that the girls have grown to hate? We have had enough of her and hope he gives her the boot soon. Lindsay finally tells Sean the truth about Tierra and he seems even more confused…just in time for Chris Harrison to announce the rose ceremony.

Tierra, Lindsay and Daniella already have roses tonight but Sean voices a little frustration with Chris as he thinks his wife may not be here in Montana with him after all. Nonetheless, he begins the ceremony and the first rose goes to Selma, then Catherine, Lesley, AshLee, Sarah and finally Desiree, sending Robyn back home to Los Angeles. Tierra wins again!

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