This week on “Face Off” the 12 remaining artists will again team up to complete their spotlight challenge; but this time there's a big twist waiting for them.

Twenty-six year old special effects artist Anthony Kosar has risen to the challenge each week and taken home the top prize in every challenge. Can anyone topple the man who worked on the hit movies “Avatar” and “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” during his internship?

The challenge begins when the artists are taken to a desert to find host McKenzie Westmore standing next to six pitch forks with unusual names on them. Their challenge is to take one of those signs – the names of demons from various cultures around the world – and bring them to life.

The artists are again paired up this week.

Kris and Eric Z.
Alam and Anthony
House and Meagan
Alex and Autumn
Katie and Jenna
Eric F. and Wayne

After spending a little time in the desert for sketching the artists return to the lab to begin working on their demons when McKenzie interrups them with an announcement...

...there is a change in the rules with this challenge; hell has frozen over, and now, all oftheir demons must go from lords and ladies of the inferno, to masters and mistresses of a more icy realm - all of the contestants creations must sport a frigid appearance.

McKenzie Westmore leaves the artists in the desert to sketch and create their demonic apparitions. The artistic duous hop to it.

The remainder of day one is relatively uneventful but things change on day two when Jenna is having difficulty with her hand and cannot sculpt. Tensions are high and time is running short for some of the artists – Anthony, Alam, Wayne, and Eric F. - forcing them to wait until application day to cast their molds hoping they will dry in time.

Tragedy befalls one team of artists; only minutes before the models were set to go on the reveal stage, Eric Fox knocks a cable loose, interfering with some of the animatronics of his creation. With no time to fix it, the duo was forced to proceede to judging with a lazy eyed demon.

Once all of the demons had been revealed; judges Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill, and Neville Page  took a close look at the creations. McKenzie announced that Meagan, House, Eric Z. and Kris were all safe leaving the remaining eight artists as the best and the worst looks for the week.

Saying they had successfully addressed the theme and handled it very well Anthony and Alam were among the top teams; they were joined by Wayne and Eric F whom Glenn said made some very smart decisions. The top team was Anthony and Alam; but since there can be only one winner...

Anthony continues his sweep of the top.

For the bottom teams, Ve said that Alex and Autumn's demon had been sculpted by 'digging it out with a spoon'; and Glenn added that it 'punches you in the face' with how bad it sucked. Katie and Jenna's demon was deemed a “hot mess” and a failure.

The artist eliminated and going home was...


Next week the artists get sweet.