The All American Rejects recently released their brand new EP titled Flatline featuring remixes by Jeff Bhasker v. Tyker Johnson and dubstep genius Skrillex. The band also just wrapped up their longest running US tour and we caught up with drummer, Chris Gaylor, to see exactly what tour life is like and to bring you guys a special shout-out straight from the road!

Starpulse: I know you guys are on tour right now - can you set the scene of what you're doing this exact moment for our readers?

Chris Gaylor: I'm on our bus in Mobile, AL, waiting for load in.  It's the last day of tour on one of the longest tours we've ever done, and yet we're surprisingly less burned out than in past instances.  Though there is fair degree of senioritis setting in. Tonight's show should be an interesting one.

SP: Walk us through what a day of tour life is like, from when you wake up in the morning until you go to bed at night.

CG: Probably not as exciting as you'd think...  I wake up, we load in, I'll usually then scope out some food and any record shops/music stores/pawn shops around.  Then soundcheck, then wait for the show to happen.  Then the show, then shower, then bed.  Wake up and repeat.  It's pretty ****ing awesome. I definitely can't complain.

SP: How do you guys decide what songs you perform on stage?

CG: We just go by gut of what we think will get a good rise out of the audience.  When we go on that stage we tear ourselves apart putting on a show, and if the crowd isn't giving us the same energy back, it ****ing pisses us off. So we try to make it easy on them by optimizing the set list in a way that should get them going.  And then if it still doesn't, well then we let them know what we think of them.

SP: This isn't your first rodeo - do nerves ever kick in still when you're about to hit the stage? Or did they ever?

CG: You could put me in front of 8 people with an assignment to speak and I'll piss my pants, but for some reason when I have a guitar on you could put me in front of a million and I'm just stoked. I get way more nerves when we're in the studio and the record button is glowing red.

SP:  Do you guys ever write and produce tracks on the bus? If so, has any of those songs ever made it to an album?

CG: Most of our songs have come from off the road, but there have been some that have at least germinated on the road.  Little ideas here and there that have eventually found their way into finished songs.  "Dance Inside" was one I remember coming together a lot on the road as we finished touring our first record.

SP: What's the most memorable or even shocking story from going on tour so far?

CG: Some girl jumped on stage and started convulsing once.   We think it was from excitement.  Hopefully she didn't die or anything...

SP: What's your favorite part of being on tour?

CG: Playing the shows. We've got some great folk that come out and see us.  We've been touring for about a year now behind our record "Kids In The Street" and it's really cool to see how the new tunes have struck the people coming out. Especially playing a tune called "Heartbeat Slowing Down," which is collectively our favorite song on the record (and one of our favorites we've ever done). It's really cool to see that the audience seems to hold that one to the same degree that we do.

 Click here to stream All American Rejects brand new EP Flatline