When you think bankable stars, Tom Cruise has been in the discussion since the late 80s. However, Tom has had several misses to go along with his hits - although from the looks of it, Edge of Tomorrow almost certainly appears to be a hit. Check out Tom’s 5 best and 5 worst movies.


Days of Thunder

Enjoyable from a summer popcorn flick standpoint, Days of Thunder started the idea of the "Tom Cruise Movie." The issue with this film is that it is basically Top Gun in NASCAR, and Top Gun had a similar structure of The Color of Money. Cruise isn't playing a character he hasn't played before, although it isn't his fault most of the camera work makes the racing scenes too difficult to follow. Check out Roger Ebert's take on the Tom Cruise Movie.

Vanilla Sky

Based off a middling Spanish film, Cruise got production credits for this Cameron Crowe film featuring himself. It's hard to defend Cruise because his fingerprints are all over the film and make him seem narcissistic. The film was way too long, confused the audience at large, and divided critics.