Hollywood movies are full of extravagance - fast cars, beautiful women, international men of mystery, evil villians and giant, global conspiracies. It's also full of elaborate endings, many of which ultimately culminate in at least one death. The problem is, in that quest for a real show-stopper, some of these deaths cross the line from 'iconic' to ... well, 'ridiculous.' Here, we will pay homage to the Hollywood deaths that have gone down in history as iconic, as well as dissect what ones ultimately went too far.

Please be warned, the following pages will have considerable amounts of gore and strong language. If you're faint of heart or don't do well with violence, we suggest you turn back now. You have been warned!

For the rest of you that aren't weak in the knees at the sight of a little (or a lot of) blood, hit next page and see what's up at number 14.