Two days ago we pointed to the top 10 romantic comedy men who need restraining orders. Now Wonderwall has presented the 12 Queens of Chick Flicks; the women that represent the genre.

#12: Kate Hudson - "A somewhat recent addition, Kate was inducted into to the league of lovable ladies after her chick flick debut in "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days." She's proven that she's got the quirky, relatable yet completely irresistible woman thing on lockdown. Strange. It's as though she inherited a mystical rom com gene. Oh wait..."

#11: Renee Zellweger - "No one else can quite master the lip-pouting sour yet sweet face much like Renee. Launching herself into the genre with the teen rom com "Empire Records," she didn't exactly play the heroine, but eventually the business caught on when they cast her as the socially awkward, lovable, eternally single Bridget Jones. Proving her pledge to romantic comedy, she gained a whopping 20 pounds for the role (for a waify actress, that's the definition of commitment).

From there, the world was her Gary Marshall oyster. Since her early days, she's tried to move in the direction of Oscar-baiting roles, but we prefer her as the down-and-out, bumbling heroine... And with some meat on her bones."

#10: Meg Ryan - "How could a chick flick list be complete without the 80s rom com darling Meg? Between "When Harry Met Sally" and her string of on-screen madcap adventures with Tom Hanks, she was the veritable queen of the mainstream quirk. Things have taken somewhat of a turn since her last successful rom com "You've Got Mail" and there have been a few unmentionable attempts at a genre switch with *ahem* "In the Cut" and "Against the Ropes." And her oddly (read: surgically) frozen facial expressions make it difficult for her to have those resounding fake-an-orgasm-in-a-restaurant moments. Hopefully she'll take a break from the Botox and star in "You've Got A Flirtatious Tweet" opposite Tom Hanks soon.

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