7. Christian Kane

Where You Should Know Him From: As Eliot Spencer on TNT's Leverage. Also Lindsey McDonald on WB's Angel.

The entire cast of TNT's Leverage could feasibly be on this list, but amongst the bunch it's Christian Kane who gets the nod, because this man apparently does more things than a Swiss Army knife. His Eliot Spencer is best known for bringing the muscle - which he does very well - but Kane is also a capable actor who's made Eliot a multi-dimensional character who fights, loves, sings, and is handy in the kitchen. What more can you ask an actor to do?

Kane was great as a bad guy (turned good guy turned psuedo-bad guy again) in his lengthy tenure on Angel, where his Lindsey McDonald was undoubtedly the show's breakout character. He appeared in more than 20 episodes over seasons one, two and five, going through all sorts of mystical shenanigans and being that guy we loved to hate more often than not. Yet who wasn't just a little bit affected when he was killed in the series finale?

It was therefore really great news when Kane signed on to Leverage, because we already knew that he was capable of plenty of action and also conveying real moral ambiguity (not just the convenient kind all too often used for dramatic effect in many series). Leverage has really used Kane to the best of his ability, making Eliot a great action hero but also someone who is not always heroic, and who also has an interesting and constantly developing backstory. As fun as he was to watch on Angel, we've seen a lot more of what he can do...which is a lot more than most actors would be able to pull off.

While all the Leverage cast could be considered underappreciated (other than Timothy Hutton, there's not necessarily a "name" among them), it's Kane who's really made a strong impression as the character we love to watch and wouldn't exactly mind being either. Hopefully as Leverage continues into its fifth season, more people will find out about him.

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