Hop back into the Vista Cruiser and flashback to the very beginning to experience the entire groovy series that defined a decade when "That '70s Show" - The Complete Series Stash Box boogies onto DVD October 14th from Fox Home Entertainment. Centered around the hilarious hi-jinks of a group of Wisconsin teens coming-of-age, "That '70s Show" launched the careers of series stars Topher Grace (Spider-Man 3), Ashton Kutcher (What Happens In Vegas, "Punked"), Wilmer Valderrama (Unaccompanied Minors), Mila Kunis (Forgetting Sarah Marshall), Laura Prepon ("October Road") and Danny Masterson (Capers).

The ensemble cast also included hilarious supporting performances from Debra Jo Rupp (Friends), Kurtwood Smith (RoboCop) and Tommy Chong (Up In Smoke), plus "That '70s Show" hosted numerous guest stars over its eight season run including Luke Wilson, Jessica Simpson, Brooke Shields, Bruce Willis, Lindsay Lohan and Seth Green, among others.

Packaged in a retro 1970s record box with all-new DVD sleeves designed like classic LP covers, the "That '70s Show" - The Complete Series Stash Box DVD collection also includes a keepsake "yearbook" containing a director's letter, cast interviews and photos, character timelines and the finale episode script signed by the entire cast. The "That '70s Show" - The Complete Series Stash Box DVD set features all 200 groovy episodes and hours of bonus features throughout the seasons.

Series Synopsis:
Set in the Wisconsin suburbs, Eric Forman (Grace) lives under the authority of his parents, Red and Kitty (Kurtwood Smith and Debra Jo Rupp). Next door is his girfriend/neighbor, Donna Pinciotti (Prepon) and her parents Bob and Midge (Don Stark and Tanya Roberts). The rest of the gang includes Jackie (Kunis), her on again-off again boyfriend Kelso (Kutcher), Hyde (Masterson), a conspiracy theorist who believes Xerox will take over the world, and Fez (Valderrama), a foreign exchange student who is soaking up American culture like a sponge. The gang mostly likes to spend their time in Eric's basement, pondering their lives, parents, and their futures, but they get into many funny mishaps and adventures in their teenage lives.

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DVD Features:
The "That '70s Show" - The Complete Series Stash Box DVD collection includes all eight seasons on 32 discs presented in full screen format (1.33:1 aspect ratio) with English Dolby Surround sound. Individual disc content as follows:

Season One (Discs 1 - 4)
-25 episodes
-Hello Wisconsin! Season One featurette
-That '70s Trivia Show featurette
-Promo-palooza featurette

Season Two (Discs 5 - 8)
-26 episodes (w/select episode commentaries by Director David Trainer)
-Behind The Scenes featurettes on six episodes
-Season One: A Look Back featurette
-Season Two: A Talk With Director David Trainer featurette

Season Three (Discs 9 - 12)
-25 episodes (w/select episode commentaries by Director David Trainer and Writer Patrick Kienlen)
-Episode introductions by various cast members
-Season Three Overview featurette

Season Four (Discs 13 - 16)
-27 episodes (w/select episode commentaries by Director David Trainer)
-Season 4 in 4 Minutes featurette
-100th Episode featurette
-A '70s Flashback: Laura Prepon featurette
-A '70s Flashback: Mila Kunis featurette
-Making Company: David Trainer on Directing "That '70s Show" featurette
-TV promo spots

Season Five (Discs 17 - 20)
-25 episodes
-Season 5 in 5 Minutes featurette
-A '70s Flashback: Wilmer Valderrama featurette
-A '70s Flashback: Danny Masterson featurette
-TV promo spots

Season Six (Discs 21 - 24)
-25 episodes (w/select episode commentaries by Director David Trainer)
-Six Minutes of Season Six featurette
-A '70s Flashback: Debra Jo Rupp featurette
-A '70s Flashback: Kurtwood Smith featurette
-TV promo spots

Season Seven (Discs 25 - 28)
-25 episodes (w/select episode commentaries with Director David Trainer)
-Behind The Polyester: Writing That '70s Show featurette
-That Seventh '70s Season featurette
-A '70s Flashback: Don Stark featurette
-TV promo spots

Season Eight (Discs 29 - 32)
-22 episodes (w/select episode commentaries by director David Trainer)
-That '70s Show Through The Years: A Retrospective
-Season 8 in 8 Minutes featurette
-That '70s Set Tour with Director David Trainer
-A '70s Flashback: Tommy Chong featurette
-A '70s Flashback: Josh Meyers featurette
-TV promo spots