Down in the holding cell, Josh is free to go, however, Lucas is adamant to find out where Taylor is and will do whatever is necessary to extract the information from Jim.  

However, there is one more Shannon in this season finale who surprisingly goes all badass on us, a la, Elizabeth. The Doctor injects the leader of the Phoenix group with bugs that crawl into the brain. She will only give him the cure if he rescues Jim from imprisonment. Go Liz! The leader tells Lucas that they have found Taylor, so the math genius excitedly leaps out of the room, meaning a tortured Jim is able to escape. Arriving home, Liz injects the leader with the supposed cure which turns out to be a sedative; she had never injected him in the first place!

Taylor has sent out a convoy to rescue the Shannon family from the colony, but the Phoenix group are on red alert after Jim’s escape. Washington explains that she will distract the group so that the Shannon’s can leave the premises. Jim is unable to stop Washington from embarking on the suicide mission and as a final wish she asks Jim to remind Taylor about Chewlacham. The Shannon’s race through the gate when an explosion, detonated by Washington, takes place at the other side of the colony. The Phoenix group catch Washington and Lucas demands to know where the Shannon’s are. However, she refuses and is sadly shot in the head.

The next day Mira arrives back at the colony, after being sent out to find something at the Badlands. The leader tells Mira that she will be able to go back to 2149 once the portal has been repaired. Jim tells Taylor Washington’s message and the Commander explains that at one point they had been on an island and they were outnumbered 2:1. Their only way out was over a bridge, but they bombed it, trapping them on the island, because it means other enemies could not enter from the mainland. Chewlacham symbolizes the bridge and thus: the portal. They need to blow up the portal so that no more troops can come and destroy ‘Terra Nova’. Jim has to travel to the future through the portal to destroy Hope Plaza.

Skye joins with Lucas and the two drive to the now fixed portal to deliver the cargo from the Badlands to the future. However, en route, Skye confesses she might have a way of contacting Taylor. Lucas stops the truck and contacts a Phoenix soldier, informing him that someone else will take the cargo through the portal. However, it is all an elaborate set-up and Terra soldiers appear, tying Lucas up and switching the chip of his truck with the identical one that Jim is inside.

At the portal the chip on the truck is scanned and with everything cleared, Jim is able to return back to the future. However, Lucas secretly cuts through the ropes and attacks Skye. He tries to contact the soldiers at the portal to warn them, but interference levels are too high. Malcolm deliberately breaks the portal, meaning that Jim will return somewhere else near the portal.

In 2149, the bosses of the whole operation open up the supposed crate carrying something from the Badlands, but they actually unleashes Jim’s secret weapon: a dino! Havoc erupts with the dinosaur wreaking the whole plaza and killing some of the bosses. Jim races to the portal with the dinosaur hot on his heels. The dinosaur’s weight causes the bridge leading to the portal to collapse, but Jim is able to make it safely through in time.

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