The war between ‘Terra Nova’ and the future exploded (literally) in the two hour season finale where one reoccurring character even died!

Taylor and his team anticipate the arrival of the 11th pilgrimage. At the portal innocent pilgrims look shocked as they are welcomed by a suspicious army. Jim goes to greet the emerged Kara when a suicide bomber pops through the portal and unleashes an explosion, destroying the portal and knocking Jim out. The violent battle between Lucas’ employers and Taylor’s army is spared for our eyesight and instead we see the aftermath of the fight three days later when Jim wakes up at the infirmary looking extremely disorientated.

The Phoenix group, a secret military organization who has been dispatched by Lucas’ bosses, have invaded ‘Terra Nova’, leaving it in a terrible state. Liz sorts out Jim’s hearing problem, informing him that no one has heard from Taylor since the bomber attack. Jim arrives home to find a devastated Josh, blaming himself for Kara’s death.

Jim visits Washington at Boylan’s bar who confesses she had no choice but to surrender the colony as the Phoenix group had murdered twenty six innocent people. Washington explains that they were able to blow up the portal because they had brought a replica with them, which luckily had been snapped in half by a group of Carnos, so now Malcolm was fixing it.

On the hunt for more answers, Jim visits the infirmary and finds Malcolm working on the portal. Jim is angry that Malcolm gave in to the Phoenix organization, but Malcolm clarifies that they killed McCormack because he wouldn’t fix it, so he had no choice but to mend it so no more innocent blood would be spilled. Furthermore, his only way of fighting back against them is by working as slowly as possible to try and buy Jim some time to track down Taylor. Mira and co find Jim at the infirmary, where he pretends he is still delusional, so he can’t help locate Taylor.

Josh is eager to aid the resistance so Jim tells him to get his job back at Boylan’s bar as he might be able to overhear something interesting by the Phoenix soldiers. Liz removes a bullet from a soldier’s leg and notices there’s a strange number on it. She discovers that all the bullets from the explosion have the same numbers engraved on them. These are the map coordinates which will lead to Taylor!

A diversion created by a group of rebellious Terrian’s means Jim is able to slip onto a truck that the organization is taken outside the gate. Arriving at the destination, Jim listens to the group talking about how they are going to detonate bombs across the whole of prehistoric earth. Jim is able to hunt down Taylor and his soldiers, informing them of the Phoenix group’s plans. They race to where the first bomb is located and Riley is able to stop the bomb for igniting. Before Jim retreats back to camp, Taylor, like a true Commander, wisely states: “We won this round, but this ain’t over.”

The rebellions find a way of fighting back by placing tracking chips onto the members of the organization and their vehicles, meaning Taylor and co can ambush them when they’re outside the colony. Lucas meets with Skye at Boylan’s bar and he asks if Taylor ever forgave her for betraying him. Skye confesses that Taylor has not acknowledged her since the incident and Lucas admits that his father will never forgive her because he has never forgiven him for being born. Ouch! He creepily starts to touch Skye’s face and she pleads with him to stop, but he won’t. However, a tap on the shoulder and an almighty punch by Josh sure does the trick! Josh does give Lucas a good beaten before members of the Phoenix group are able to pull him back and Lucas gets his revenge. Skye races to the Shannon household and cries how Josh is being attacked. Jim puts up a cracking fight against the Phoenix members, but he is outnumbered and Lucas locks up the two Shannon’s.