In "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles," (focusing on events immediately following the second film), Sarah (Lena Headey) and John Connor (Thomas Dekker) have spent two years on the run, doing what they can to stay alive. Faced with the reality that they are the only ones who know what the future will bring, they stop running and refocuse their efforts to prevent the birth of SkyNet and the coming of Judgment Day. They set up shop in California and soon realize that one of John's new classmates Cameron (Summer Glau of "Firefly" & "Serenity"), isn't exactly the girl next door - she's a brand-spanking new Terminator programmed to keep John alive.

In addition to whatever futuristic baddies SkyNet sends through the good old temporal wormhole from the future, the FBI is also after Sarah. Rumor from the internet has it there are going to be at least a few time jumps, which will bring terminators to our present, the past and the future. Maybe we'll get a look at Reese as a child or a young man. Maybe, if we get lucky, there will be more scenes of armies of terminators without their skin marching on a beaten and retreating human resistance.

Summer Glau will attempt to inject even more fuzzy feelings into an increasingly humanized terminator model of an unknown type. We also know that at least one additional terminator will immediately be introduced as the primary antagonist. Fans can only look forward to some hot terminator on terminator action with whatever goodies they've brought from the future.

Things to look forward to:

- A fresh spin on an old franchise in need of new blood and story lines

- More information about what happens to the Connors after the second movie now that the third movie has been declared to be non-canon

- Two new terminators of unknown capabilities to be pitted against one another

- Additional information about the future world and the evil SkyNet

- Possible flashbacks for a different look at familiar events

Things to worry about:

- The movies were produced with high budgets for special effects, how will that translate to the television and smaller budgets?

- Sci-Fi fans (and I) are a curmudgeonly lot, how will they (me) react if some of their favorite ideas are retconned?

- With a largely green cast, who will emerge to carry the first few episodes?

- If things don't get moving quickly will this show avoid the quick cancellation that many sci-fi shows are subjected to?

As the writers' strike trudges on and more networks turn to unscripted reality shows, this new Terminator saga should provide a welcome alternative to Big Brother, The Apprentice, and other returning reality fixtures.

There is a wealth of stories to turn to within the Terminator franchise, and sci-fi fans everywhere have been begging for more robotic mayhem since the third movie four years ago. Let's hope this new installment starts off fast paced and avoids the early hook that Fox has been known to wield in the past.

Story by Larry Grodsky
Starpulse contributing writer
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