Ah, Terminator. The movie that launched the Governator into super stardom. Before "Terminator," Arnold Schwarzenegger was just a weightlifting sensation and the star of "Pumping Iron." Afterward he became one of the most marketable action stars in Hollywood.

Now we have some new meat to sink our metallic teeth into. "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" is coming to the small screen on Fox January 13 and 14 in a two-part, two-day event. It remains to be seen what this new incarnation will make of the muddied mythology, but "Chronicles" will focus initially on the Connors and the events immediately following the conclusion of the second movie.

Here is a quick synopsis for the uninitiated: SkyNet, an artificial intelligence created by the U.S. Military, decided that humans needed to be extinct, quickly. SkyNet started a war that seemed to doom the human race. Out of the wreckage, a leader emerged. His name was John Connor. In order to end the war, SkyNet sent the Terminator, a robot assassin, into the past to eliminate Sarah Connor, John's mother. Reese, a member of the human resistance and John's best friend (it's a time travel thing), was sent to the past to protect Sarah and ensure that John would be born to lead the resistance. Reese succeeded, but the threat to John was not over.

In Terminator 2: Judgement Day, SkyNet sent another Terminator through time to finally take care of business. The resistance also sent someone back, a repurposed Terminator that was woefully out of date compared to the newer model. Somehow the old Terminator took down the new Terminator and John was free to live on and take his place as the leader of the human resistance. Good times.

The Terminator (T-800) has been through a lot since his screen debut. He started out as a single-minded killing machine focused on eradicating the Connors. In his next incarnation, the Terminator was reinvented and humanized as a wise-cracking bodyguard for the prepubescent John Connor. The second Terminator was also at a disadvantage, as it was most decidedly low-tech compared to the shape-shifting T-1000, but our old friend was able to win the day over its high-tech nemesis.

In Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, John Connor was once again targeted by a Terminator sent from the future by SkyNet. This new Terminator, T-X, was a female and more powerful than any of her predecessors. To protect Connor, the human resistance sent a new T-101 back from the future.