Tonight, Justified airs “The Bird Has Flown,” the fourth episode of the season.

We’ve already seen it and have ten teases for what fans can expect tonight. *ALERT - If you’re afraid of spoilers, turn away now.

1. You find out within the opening minutes whether or not Lindsey left with Randall willingly or not.

2. A character died off-screen between the last episode and this episode.

3. A threesome gets interrupted during Raylan’s hunt for Randall.

4. Someone wants to get into the cock fighting business.

5. Sheriff Shelby remains under Boyd’s thumb.

6. Randall lets his temper get the better of him—as does Rachel.

7. Someone decides to move to Alabama.

8. Raylan gets a new weapon. And he gets to use it.

9. Someone gets shot—but doesn’t die.

10. Boyd seemingly gives the order for someone to die.