Summer coming to an end can only mean one thing - it is time for our favorite television shows to return. Along with the top-rated shows we've come to love, such as Dancing With The Stars and CSI, the fall 2009-10 schedule is filled with newcomers just waiting to hit number one.

Check out our list of the 10 new fall shows we cant wait to watch:

Because one of something is never enough, the CW has taken on another cult-classic remake - Melrose Place. This time around the clothes are skimpier, the people are sexier and the fights are much more entertaining. While the show will have the usual stereotypes that an hour-long, young adult drama strives to have, the new "Melrose Place" is mixing it up a little bit, starting with a dead body in episode one.

"Melrose Place" premieres on the CW September 8 at 9 p.m. It stars Katie Cassidy (Harper's Island) and Michael Rady (Greek). Laura Leighton and Thomas Calabro from the original Melrose Place will co-star.

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