Super Time Force
Capybara Games

So, I didn't know what this game even was until about a week ago. I watched the trailer, got a good chuckle and looked into the game.

It looks like Contra on LSD and Cocaine. And also, it's hard.

"We really want to make it clear that the game does not in any way take itself seriously. It's a real reflection of people that work at Capy - we're not big fans of being super serious, [at least] in certain situations."
Those are words from the game's developer, Nathan Vella. Super Time Force is a game about shooting, jumping, dying and all sorts of other stuff that makes your brain do mental loops.

Basically it's Contra meets Braid meets Raiden. Every time you die, time rewinds, and you can see your previous life going through all the same motions up until the point it died. This will happen over and over, until you have a veritable army of previous lives running through the level with you. Every time you save a previous life, you gain that life back. Simple concept - ridiculous when applied. Just check out the trailer below to experience the mayhem. I cannot wait.

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