Well, that wasn’t too bad, was it? Happy endings all around, Kali and the Darach aside. Of course, God only knows what’s coming to town after the kids put the “beacon” back in “Beacon Hills.” But, for now, everyone’s safe, sound, and moderately okay–even the scarring was kept to a minimal, with the exception being Scott, Stiles, and Allison and their newly-darkened hearts. Those should provide Teen Wolf with plenty of deep and personal character drama in the future, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves…we’ve still got “Lunar Ellipse(/Eclipse?)” to discuss!

Post-sacrificial deaths, Scott, Stiles, and Allison woke in a bright and empty Dark Knight-esque room decorated solely with the Nemeton and a few hundred fluorescent lights. Scott reached the roots first and pressed his hand to them; immediately, he was taken to that fateful night during the pilot when Peter bit him. The roots took Stiles there, too, and Allison wound up nearby, where she and her mother nearly ran over Scott, then stopped and found his inhaler in the woods. No, this wasn’t an afterlife trip through the past; the Nemeton’s location was right beside where the trio’s supernatural adventures began. After their respective mental journeys, the trio woke up for real in Deaton’s veterinarian office, and Deaton quickly informed them they’d been out for sixteen hours, leaving the lunar eclipse only four hours away. Whoops (but also convenient!).

Before the group could formulate a plan, Ethan the Nice Twin burst into the vet’s office to fetch Lydia for help stopping his brother and Kali, who were on their way to kill Derek. Though Cora’s healthy and healed, Derek’s a weakened Beta shell of his former Alpha self and unable to fight. Peter made the Hale siblings run and disappeared himself, just as Kali and Aiden confronted Lydia and Ethan. But, before anyone could attack, Jennifer burst through the ceiling (she and Derek have that overly-dramatic entrance thing in common), slaughtered Kali with shards of glass, and broke the neck of the conjoined twins (don’t worry, they’ll later be taken to Deaton by Lydia and Cora and saved). Then, she rounded on Lydia and urged her to scream, knowing Derek and Cora would hear and come running (which they promptly did).

At Allison’s, where she, Scott and Isaac were gathering weapons, Scott ran into his father waiting for them. With no leads on the murders other than the kids, Agent McCall hoped to grill Scott and co. for information. Allison had other, better plans that involved a quick defense of her father’s need for the weapons followed by the dropping of a smoke grenade. At the same time, Stiles found himself in the middle of a Darach-influenced storm and crashed his jeep into a tree. As Scott rejoined the Deucalion, Allison and Isaac went off in search of Stiles, until Isaac heard Mr. Argent’s sonic emitter, and the pair found the root cellar instead.