With a vicious storm, a dying wolf, and one flighty Darach, “The Overlooked” managed to bring almost all of Teen Wolf‘s current heroes, anti-heroes, and villains under one roof for a nonstop thrill ride of corny one-liners (cough, “Let’s rumble,” cough), near deaths, kidnappings, and the occasional heart-to-unconscious-heart. Despite the high intensity level (thanks to the impending mid-season finale, which is only two episodes away), “The Overlooked” still took the time to fill in a few plot blanks and illuminate the cracks forming within the Alpha pack’s ranks as everyone converged on Beacon Hills’s storm-ridden hospital.

After last week’s stunning Darach unveiling, Scott and Stiles wasted no time getting the truth to Derek. When Ms. Blake swung by Derek’s loft hoping to lie about her evil Druidic nature, she found the boys had beaten her there–they stepped out of the shadows and doused her with mistletoe, revealing her hideously-slashed face. Enraged, Derek grabbed his lover-turned-enemy and began to strangle her, but Scott stopped him; without Ms. Blake, Cora can’t be saved and Stiles’s father will never be found.

The four drove to the hospital–which was being evacuated because of the thunderstorm–to find Cora, who hadn’t been evacuated yet and was still vomiting black blood laced with mistletoe. After running into his mother, Scott told her to leave immediately, and she didn’t argue after noticing his companions. Mama McCall told Scott to get Cora on the next arriving ambulance, but the group found Cora’s room empty. Turns out, the Alpha twins had already arrived at the hospital and were busy shoving Peter (who’d been visiting Cora) through doorways and stealing Cora. As Derek and Scott attacked, Ms. Blake tried to run (so much for her claims that she sincerely wanted to heal Derek’s sister) while Peter and Stiles helped Cora. The twins claimed they were only after the Darach, which proved true when the Deucalion and Kali showed up to join the hunt.

Unfortunately, Mama McCall stumbled across the Deucalion’s spear/cane stuck in the wall and pulled it free–the Deucalion promptly retrieved it from her and took her hostage. While hiding from the twins, Scott and co. heard Mama McCall make an announcement via “Mr. Deucalion” demanding the Darach be handed over. Ms. Blake found the group and told them she’d only help Cora and Stiles’s father in exchange for her safe escape from the hospital.