The Sheriff’s department is on the roof, waiting for one of the experts to investigate the murder. You know it's a big deal when the entire department is on the roof (and with a helicopter!). Then, as if the bat signal summoned him, Derek Hale arrives on the scene. Actually, Derek has always been Batman, he's just now embracing it. They investigate the cannibalistic teenager, who is a Wendigo – cannibalistic shapeshifters. But something smells wolfy.

That would be Liam, who is held in duct tape against his will at Scott's house. Scott and Stiles didn't really think this through, other than terrorizing poor little freshman Liam. Stiles, by the way, is just a nutcase – not like last season – but like a completely mess at dealing with humans.

He keeps saying wrong thing after wrong thing, and we love him for it because he's Stiles, but he just needs to be locked away. Preferably in high school rather than Eichen House. Luckily for them, Liam is a fighter and escapes their clutches as Stiles and Scott have been in too many life or death situations for this to matter much. 

And then our boy Peter arrives to the loft, tight v neck and everything,in the dark looking through papers. My first concern: he has a key? Then I realize anyone can get in that unguarded loft. My second concern: the axe thrown into his chest. That's right: the muted mouth man is back!

Back in our teenagers' lives, Lydia and Kira pass the Bechdel test as they talk about the crazy code Lydia has in her notes. She is determined to get the keyword and get the keys to Lydia's lake house. That's where poor Malia gets locked up each month because she can control her shift yet.

There's a semi cute scene of Stiles helping Malia try on chains when the Sheriff awkwardly walks in. Malia doesn't get the awkwardness because she's mentally a kid (which is why she and Stiles totally shouldn't have had sex that one time! But hey, Jeff Davis wanted to see Stiles get some). And now they need to lock Liam up, but only if they can find him.

Since no one really cares about Liam, he has been running around all night and finally arrives to school. Someone says something like, “he’s gonna live right?” But he’s too hot to die? Also, Liam is the only actual Teen Wolf on the show now, and he even gets his own Scott McCall moment as he looks up to see Derek aka Scott. Then Stiles aka Stiles. Scott is rather hopeless at trying to explain this whole thing to Liam, muttering Derek's infamous words "The Bite is a gift" to much confusion. Scott's an even worse Derek, if that is possible!

But if there is one thing they can (maybe) assume about Liam, it's that he likes girls. Cue the female fox trickster, slow mo down the stairs and trip epicly, with Liam there to her rescue. So Kira invites Liam to a party. And then something weird happens for Teen Wolf... we meet other teenage characters.

I assumed this show was like Buffy and that the other teens were around for a chance to get murdered every other week, but no. A bunch of freshman -- Mason, Garrett, Garrett's girlfriend -- moan about how there are no parties for them. Well, duh! Y'all are like 14. Keep watching cartoons and drinking milk cartons. Anyway, Liam rightfully tells one of them where he is, before getting semi-kidnapped. Again.

In a lot of ways, I feel so sorry for Liam. He's thrown into this group of supernatural teenagers - Werewolf, werecoyote, banshee, kitsune, very evil - and it's not like he can understand what's going on. The kid also has severe anger issues, having took a crowbar to to his teacher's car once and got kicked out.

To be fair, maybe the teacher deserved it? (My sister is an aspiring teacher and gave me a death glare when I said that). Severe anger issues + becoming a werewolf = cannot end well. He starts wolfing out, but they rush him to the boat house. Stiles takes Malia down to the basement, and Lydia's left to entertain 100 freshmen who still think Lydia holds the best parties (she poisoned everyone last time).