This was such a heavy episode of Teen Wolf. After last week’s shenanigans, I figured it just be another week of Teenage Assassins, but instead Teen Wolf plays on its relationships more than anything.

There's something to be said for this transitionary year of Teen Wolf.Sure, it's basically ignored most of its core players -- there has been no talk of Isaac or Danny, for example -- but it's also putting the emotional stuff on these relationships we've watched for four seasons now. I don't think I'd care about this show at all if it weren't for the Scott and Stiles scenes and Lydia's friendships and the kids' relationship with their parents'. Even the nascent relationship between Scott and Liam has me emotionally invested.

This is usually the part of the season where things heat up and all we care about is the mystery, but at this point in Teen Wolf's lunar cycle, I care far more about how everyone's doing emotionally. That's a good thing. 

Except for Kate Argent. I have no idea what that bitch is doing and I'm pretty sure she's incapable of feeling. The episode opens with a title card: Four weeks earlier.  With a heavy rainfall, Kate is trapped in the Winchester’s car. I don’t know. It’s an old car. She fiddles with the cassette player to pull out the tape. It says play me. It starts talking about a small town in Northern California and about the supernatural. Is Kate listening to a self-help tape to control her urges or something else that’s entirely creepy? 

I’m not sure because the show kind of jumps ahead to a very cool tracking and panning shot of Kate at the site of mayhem, a berserker or two at her side. Kate was such a fun villain in season 1 because she’s such a psycho, now with jaguar powers. She was also always a psycho on a mission: she wants to know who the Benefactor is.  I want to know why does everyone assume it is a man? That’s some institutional sexism right there. Also, if it is a woman and I am right, it would be such a beautiful victory.

At the school, the Sheriff and Agent McCall arrest assassin teenager Violet. Agent McCall, worried for Scott’s safety, is unusually knowledgeable about thermocut wire. He refers to the little assassins as orphans, but that’s all we’ll really find out about those walking plot devices for now.

As the grownups sleuth one teenage assassin, the kids sleuth the other teenage assassin’s locker. Scott finds a (expletive) TON OF CASH, lying to Liam about it. He takes it too, as he listens to his mother on the phone deal with their money problems. I thought we were sort of coming out of a recession? But then again, when your mother is the only working nurse in town and even then they slash her hours, the economy can’t be very good.

Back at casa de Vet, Derek, Stiles & Deaton have to hold down the hot werewolf lacrosse player to get rid of the poison from his system. Peter comes out of nowhere and smacks him down, having a silent conversation with Derek. As the kid heals, he repeats the Hale family anthem. “Three things cannot long be hidden: the sun, the moon and the truth.”

The next day, Malia is the only at school, despite having survived in the wild for 8 years without schooling. Someone is whispering Malia’s name, so she just sort of walks out. “Do you need to be excused from class.”

“Yeah.” Shelley Hennig is a gift; don’t you forget it.

The whisperer in question is Mr. Derek Hale, in silhouette, asking for Malia’s help because Derek needs something to do. I’m honestly unsure of what his purpose is this episode, but he needs Malia’s help to go in the woods.

Speaking of woods, Liam is hit by Garrett’s car as he was running in the woods. As somber as this episode was, it’s also kind of all over the place plot-wise, bare with me.