Teen Wolf goes from supernatural to sci-fi this week in a way that mirrors real-life in a very sad way. Nothing on this show can touch the tragedy of the Ebola outbreak, but it’s strangely poignant to be reminded of such real world stakes.

On a lighter note, our episode begins with our assassin/pseudo-Frankenstein concocting a special poison against his werewolf monster. He looks like that bug salesman assassin from that one episode of Buffy. He listens for instructions on how to get the ca-ching on a tape, which we also hear…

Scott and Stiles listen to. Something about wire transfers and banks. Honestly, why don’t Scott and Stiles send visual confirmation of a death and then track the wire transfer? They have cop parents. Like, one is/was an FBI agent. Alas, when your formative years are spent around the supernatural, it may be difficult to think in the real world. 

Speaking of the real world, the kids act like teenagers for a bit when they go take their PSATs (sans Lydia, who took her PSATs years ago because Lydia Martin Is Smarter Than You). The test needs a bunch of adults to administer it, and some fingerprint identification? Is this a new feature? Am I that old? I smell conspiracy because the Frankenstein assassin is one of the administrators. 

Something is wrong during the test. Sure, Malia looks stressed and Stiles is going through a bunch of pencils, but something is def wrong when a girl passes out. It’s Mrs. Martin, Lydia’s mom, who realizes something is askew. Obviously she too is a smartie, her daughter is a genius, and even though it takes a while (and a very sick Coach), Mrs. Martin figures out that a virus is spreading and that the area must be… QUARANTINED. 

It’s official: Beacon Hills is worse than a Hellmouth. There are biological weapons; the school is effing quarantined. It’s time to move, residents of Beacon Hills.

The police (including Stilinski and later Agent McCall) and the CDC arrive, slightly overdramatic. Cell communication is down, so the kids are stuck there with a deadly assassin and no way out.

Where’s everyone else? In a separate, Derek-related plot, he is responsible for carrying Braeden. Elsewhere, assassins attack Deaton in the rain (and is it just me or does the whole fight sequence look like it’s been put through glitter). Deaton meets the wolf in question Satomi, the Japanese werewolf with her sick person.

What everyone wants, of course, is to be treated by BAMF Melissa McCall, the only working woman and nurse in Beacon Hills.

At the hospital, the sick werewolf with Satomi dies, oozing black vile. If we didn’t know it before, this is most definitely a virus designed to kill werewolves. 

It’s having a different effect on everyone though. Humans show symptoms and Kira has neurological symptoms (since she’s actually a were-fox/kitsune). Kira even pops a hole in one of the CDC’s suits, causing a great uproar/panic. The only people it is not effecting are the Martins.

Speaking of, Lydia’s in her 70s period room playing the record player, trying to talk to the dead. She has all of Meredith Walker things, which consists of a nearly empty bottle of perfume, dead flowers and a teddy bear. It’s slightly heartbreaking. Especially as Lydia talks to Meredith, asking for help, but really trying to apologize. For her efforts, she gets a Banshee clue and the audience’s love. Holland Roden kills it, once again showing she’s the show’s secret weapon.