Remember season one? No else does either. It was laughably bad sometimes thanks to a low budget and some choice cinematography, but Teen Wolf's first season is one I generally remember fondly though I don't remember many plot points but I have done my homework Since Teen Wolf's fourth season is at a crossroads, it feels natural that it is essentially rebooting itself and digging into its season one roots. But remember how you don't remember season one? 

This whole rebooting business has irked me quite a bit lately. Teen Wolf has added more characters and complications than necessary, cutting off its momentum and reveals, and came up with a really terrible reveal for a villain. What matters most to Teen Wolf is plot and not character. It's more concerned with stuff that looks cool, like a SWAT team filing in or a quarantine zone than focusing on what's going on with everyone. Last season, it combined these things with making Stiles as a villain, but this year's villain is really lacking because it's not really a character (even if the true villain is Peter Hale). That's a really big problem for a show about teenagers with superpowers. 

What happened this episode? The mission was to kill the deadpool and to kill the list. More unnamed assassins target the remainder of the deadpool so they come to Scott, Kira and Argent for help. Scott vows to protect them at any costs so they head to Argent's abandoned space/security hub for some shelter. This is after Argent steals rare wolfsbane and locks it in a vault. Love birds Braeden and Derek also come to help out, with Derek giving his most empowered speech about creating his own deadpool as retaliation while his gf cheers with a gun click. 

During the fight, Scott comes very, very close to full on murdering one of the assassins and I suspect that Scott will indeed kill an 'innocent' before the season is over. The question of who that is though is unsure, but it has to be someone Scott knows right? Someone like Peter.

Lydia, Parrish and the Sheriff have Meredith in custody and Lydia wants to play interrogator, trying to crack Meredith. But Meredith only has ears for Peter Hale.