Lacrosse is back people! Mama McCall is in danger! Stiles is a dweeb! Derek is still cut off from the rest of the group! Parrish and Lydia have a weird, inappropriate tension! It’s the third episode of the season, folks, and things are picking up but also appropriately slowing down. Teen Wolf is usually so focused about wolf-y things that it forgets the teen part of it. Not tonight. Everyone is paired off with a love interest (except arguably Lydia?) and either makes googly eyes or just makes out. The main concern of the episode is about lacrosse. It’s been like a whole 27 episodes since that was a concern!

Let’s talk about the cold open. To my memory, this is possibly the best one. Just so beautifully directed and shot. A hot shirtless kid shouts for his pet, shirtless, outside (Teen Wolf is just so reliable with shirtlessness). Kid reenters creepy silent house and shuts out all the lights. Back in his room, he finds a few big blood spots and under the bed finds his cat. Bloody. Almost instantly, he hears his mother screaming and sees a figure in his house. He rightly tries to hide in his room and the bathroom but the thing starts talking to him. The monster who just killed his family instructs the kid how to defend himself by grabbing a towel and smashing the glass on the mirror but the kid is smart to just bolt out the window. The monster in question? The mouthless monster from the previews.

Outside of this horror thread, the episode is really quite light. That’s because lacrosse is back, but Stiles is more interested in the triple homicide. Lacrosse is back, but at the end of their problems list. Until this kid shows up.

Now, this is the actor who played a young Clark Kent in the last Superman movie but slowly close those agape mouths because he is 16 (look it up). His name on the show is Liam. Stiles and Scott interrogate him because there is no way his reflexes are that awesome as a human.