Teen People magazine has selected seven artists of the year for 2005: Gwen Stefani, The Killers, Green Day, Shakira, Mariah Carey, 50 Cent and Kelly Clarkson. Artists are named to teen people's list not only for their album and concert ticket sales; this list looks at the musicians who made the biggest cultural impact on Teen People's audience this year.

To honor these seven hot acts, Teen People turned to their biggest celebrity fans -- from Elton John, to Pharrell, to Matthew Fox of Lost, to reflect on their impact. "A lot of artists come and go very quickly. The Killers just aren't that kind of band," Elton John told Teen People. "You're always interested to see what [lead singer] Brandon Flowers is wearing; he's a bit of a fashion icon, and everything looks good on him. He just oozes star quality!"

What's Next?

Teen People also delivers the news on "What's Next" in Hollywood and on the music scene -- from brand-new faces, to established actors and artists about to really blow up,

Here are the famous footsteps Teen People predicts these up-and-comers will follow in:

Jamie Bell - The Next Tobey Maguire
Kristen Bell - The Next Jennifer Garner
Jesse Metcalfe - The Next Chad Michael Murray
Sophia Bush - The Next Reese Witherspoon
Jon Heder - The Next Jim Carrey
Q'orianka Kilcher - The Next Natalie Portman
Joseph Gordon Levitt - The Next Ryan Gosling
Robert Pattinson - The Next Jude Law
Serena Reeder - The Next Halle Berry
Bradon Routh - The Next Ben Affleck
William Mosely - The Next Orlando Bloom

Fall Out Boy - The Next Green Day
The Veronicas - The Next Avril Lavigne
Emma Roberts - The Next Hilary Duff
Carrie Underwood - The Next Shania Twain
Paul Wall - The Next Eminem
Alana Grace - The Next Alanis Morrissette
Barefoot - The Next Coldplay
Ne'yo - The Next Usher
Teddy Geiger - The Next John Mayer