Taylor Swift has become entangled in a dispute with her Rhode Island neighbors over the tactics used by her beachside security team.

The 23 year-old singer purchased an oceanfront mansion in the coastal village of Watch Hill, complete with a section of private beach and a swimming pool.

However, local residents have complained they have been barred from an area of East Beach, close to the border of Swift's property, by the star's security team, who have also been patrolling the public walkways which lead to the sea front.

A few residents have taken to Twitter.com to express their frustration about the problems, while members of the local East Beach Association (EBA) have also confirmed a beach-cleaning crew was recently involved in a stand-off with the star's guards.

The crew was reportedly ordered off the beach while they were trying to clean up, but a message from the organization reveals talks are ongoing to resolve the dispute.

The note reads, "RE: a recent incident involving EBA crew members and Ms. Swift's security detail. Since 1970, one of the EBA's core functions is to hire high school and college kids, paid via private donations and foundations, to clean up litter left behind and/or washed in by the ocean. To the extent there was any miscommunication between this organization and the security detail, it is being promptly addressed so that there will be no further issues."

The news comes just weeks after a swimmer was arrested on suspicion of trespass after he strayed too close to the star's home.