We sat down with one of young Hollywood’s most controversial stars and we’re bringing you the exclusive!

At 17-years-old, Taylor Momsen’s been taking over headlines with her risky fashion, bad-ass attitude and talent. Successfully making the jump from actress to musician, Taylor is currently on tour with her band, The Pretty Reckless and delivering a show audiences will never forget. While she’s constantly being bashed in the media, Taylor tells us exclusively she’s not going to put on an act just to receive “good” press; unlike some people her age (cough, cough, Demi Lovato). Rocking black eye-liner, seductive lingerie and explicit lingo, Taylor Momsen’s just a regular teen with a unique and edgy style who’s keeping it real!

Check out our interview below and let us know what you think!

Starpulse: What inspires you musically?

Taylor Momsen: Everything. I love the Beatles, they’re my favorite band. Inspiration comes from everywhere, it’s too hard to define, it’s just so broad.

SP: As far as lyrics go, do you write from every day scenarios and relationships you go through?

TM: Yeah, I mean the records pretty much about my life. I’d say it’s almost autobiographical but it’s also written very metaphorically. As honest and true as everything is, it’s still written in a metaphorically kind of way. Not every line is meant to be taken literally.

SP: How do you prepare for a show before hitting the stage?

TM: Um, I don’t really do anything! Put on my shoes?

SP: You don’t have any rituals you do with your band?

TM: No, we’re about ready to go on stage, lets f***ing rock guys, see you in about an hour!

SP: Do you have a dream collaborator?

TM: There’s so many wonderful artists that I’d love to work with. I would love to write a song with Noel Gallagher; that would be unbelievable! I love Oasis, I think he is just a great, great writer. John Lennon is like my hero, unfortunately I will never see the day.

SP: So what came first—the want to act or the want to make music?

TM: Oh, music. I mean, technically I’ve been acting since I was three, so I’ve done it my whole life but that’s not something I chose. I got put into it and I enjoy it, but it’s a job. It’s a job that I enjoy but music is such a passion and a need, it’s something I’ve done my entire life. I’ve been writing since I was five and singing since I can remember.

SP: Acting and singing are pretty different—do you ever get nervous when going on stage?

TM: No. No, I love it! I love what I do. I mean, there’s always an adrenaline rush but I wouldn’t call it nerves.

SP: Now, I probably know the answer already but if you could only chose between music and acting for the rest of your life, which would it be?

TM: Oh, music. That’s all I’ve ever wanted to do. Hopefully I’ll be able to tour and make records for the rest of my life, that’s the goal. Whether people will buy the records once they’re released or if people will hear it or not, who knows, but I know I’ll be writing and making music at least for myself for the rest of my life. It’s something I could never give up.

SP: As far as your style goes, do you think you’ve changed your image to mirror your music or does your style represent who you truly are?

TM: I think my style definitely reflects who I am. I get so much talk about it, but when you look at pictures of me when I was twelve years old in my bedroom, I look the same. I have the same type of style, the same makeup. My public image on the show (Gossip Girl) and my character is not who I am. It’s a transitional period for the public and my fans to see me outside of my character and realize that I am very different than Jenny Humphrey.

SP: Exactly. Everyone seems to think you’re the same person. So going into my next question, what do you think is the main thing that the public misconstrues about who you are?

TM: Whoa, a lot. The press and the tabloids really misconstrue everything and spin it around into something I didn’t mean to say. I’m very sarcastic but unfortunately sarcasm does not translate into print. I think the articles and the way the tabloids spin things, people get the wrong impression of me. I think people know that though—people know that the tabloids are all bull**** and that it’s meant to be entertaining; they’re not fact.

SP: Not only that, but you’re seventeen, right?

TM: Yes.

SP: You’re having fun. Just because you’re in the eye of the media doesn’t mean you can’t be yourself, right?

TM: Yeah. That’s the thing I’ve always said and particularly there was a point where I was being dressed by a stylist and being kind of molded in this industry on who I was, quote, supposed to be, and I kind of freaked out! If you’re going to be in the public eye and have a career like this, your whole life is visual to the world. If you’re not being yourself it will destroy you. That’s the only thing I can say—I’m not going to change who I am or how I speak or how I dress no matter what the criticism is for. It is who I am and not everyone has to like me, its fine.

SP: Love that mindset. So if you could describe your style in one word, what would it be?

TM: Oh man, I don’t know! Extreme and eclectic? I don’t know, that’s two words… extreme and eclectic. I’m an extremist so I push the boundaries with fashion. I wear a lot of vintage, I mix and match a lot of sh*t. Mostly I wear just black, I don’t wear a lot of color. (I like) a lot of vintage pieces, thrift store pieces, so eclectic but extreme, I’m an extremist.   

SP: Some people have been comparing you to Courtney Love, what’s your reaction to that?

TM: Hey, its cool! I think the comparison is a surface comparison, you know, there’s not a lot of female-lead rock bands. We’re both blonde, so I understand it but I think it’s more the look of it because if you listen to our records, musically and song wise they’re very, very different. I think it’s more of an image comparison than music.

SP: Do you feel you’ve matured quicker than most people your age seeing as you’ve grown up in the eye of the media?

TM: Um, it definitely adds an aspect. Not just the eye of the media, but just working at such a young age. Not just in this industry though, there are lots of kids that start working at a young age. I think that definitely affects who you are, how you grow up and how you perceive the world. In that way its definitely affected me in some way, whatever that means. I don’t think it’s a bad thing necessarily—I don’t know if that makes me older or not but I think of the world differently than some other 17-year-old.

SP: For sure, you’ve experienced so much more.

TM: Well, your experiences shape who you are so there’s something to be said for that. But whatever that means, I don’t f***ing know.

SP: When you’re not working or on tour with this crazy schedule, what do you do for fun?

TM: I’m kind of working all the time; there hasn’t really been a break. I write songs! We watch a lot of South Park on the bus so that’s fun. We watch a lot of DVDs to kill time. But honestly, I like playing music! I like writing music! So, that is what I would do in my spare time.

SP: Do you have a message for your fans?

TM: Be yourself, it’s the best person you can be. Not everyone’s going to like you and that’s f***ing fine. There’s not one person on this planet that everyone likes, there’s always someone that’s going to hate you so don’t worry about it.