Taylor Lautner portrays the leading man in John Singleton’s latest movie, ‘Abduction’ and courtesy of Lionsgate here is a special feature showing some behind-the-scenes action. The clip shows Harry Potter’s Lucius Malfoy, Jason Isaacs, discussing the ‘Twilight’ heartthrob’s slick martial-art abilities, Singleton and Lautner detail an on-the-fly stunt, which took place at PNC Park and producer, Lee Stollman (his surname suites the movie, don’t you think?) proudly admits Taylor is a “superstar.”

In ‘Abduction’ Nathan Price (Taylor) discovers that his real identity is severely contrasting  the life he believed he was leading when he finds a photo of himself on a missing persons website. Knowing that his life is a lie and his parents are not his own, Nathan finds himself in mortal danger and the only person he can trust is his neighbor, Karen Lowell (Lily Collins). On the run with killers trying to chase him down Nathan comes to an understanding that the only way to find the truth about his real father is to stop fleeing and start fighting.

'Abduction' hits theatres September 23.