Actress/singer Taryn Manning is hoping to convince director Scott Rosenbaum to include her music on the soundtrack to their new movie The Perfect Age Of Rock N' Roll with a starring performance at the premiere afterparty.

The star, who appears alongside actors Kevin Zegers and Jason Ritter in the music-themed drama, admits she is trying to win over Rosenbaum with her vocal skills and she's planning to hit the stage after walking the red carpet in New York on Wednesday to prove she has what it takes.

She tells WENN, "I'd love to (feature on the soundtrack) and I played the director a couple of songs. The soundtrack isn't done so anything can happen.

"Tonight is a party at the Brooklyn Bowl with all these legendary blues artists. I'm gonna sing a Rolling Stones cover, "Miss You," with them so I'm really excited."

Manning has previously provided songs for a handful of her other film soundtracks, but she insists she doesn't push her music on filmmakers - it just happens to fit.

She says, "Everybody knows I'm a musician and a singer and they honour that about me so somehow my music ends up in films. I really don't try to hawk my CDs to any director; it's just somehow, whether I'm in my trailer playing guitar or they just hear about it, I end up in these music films with my music.

"I had my song 'Being Bad' in my very first movie Crazy-Beautiful, and my song 'Crazy Love' in Crossroads and 'Wasting My Time' is on the 8 Mile soundtrack with Eminem... It's been an interesting career because my acting and my music go hand in hand."