Tuesday night’s episode of Tabatha was definitely one for the records. During this week's installment our favorite Aussie migrated to the Midwest to save struggling salon, H Design in Minneapolis, MN. While most episodes revolve around a hairstylist turned owner in massive debt, H Design flipped that model upside down. Owner Brian has been a stockbroker for the past nineteen years, but when H Design began taken a turn for the worse seven years ago, his father (who owns the building) asked him to take over the salon so the entire building would be profitable. 

As a stockbroker, is it expected that Brian would be unaware of the intricacies of the hairstyling world? But as an owner it is highly unexpected that he would be so oblivious to his business and staff. Instead of spending time learning his new industry, the Minnesota owner spends his day working on side businesses in his upstairs office. During one sit down session Tabatha remarks, “If he wants to save his business, he needs to get his head of his a--.” Due to this lack of interest in the salon, and staff, his initial team of 35 walked out on him in a single step. Despite hiring a new set of stylists, Brian is losing $8-10 grand a month and is on the brink of another walk out.  

While most owners are at wits end and elated to see Tabatha, Brian is unaffected by her arrival. During both the interview and inspection, it is evident that Brian knows nothing about his business. When Tabatha asks him about his retention rate, he says he does not know. When she asks him where each stylists sits, he points to incorrect locations with a look of bewilderment. At one point, Tabatha says, “You don’t anything!” 

After several moments of frustration from both staff and Tabatha, the quick-witted stylist learns the only way to break through is to take Brian to the new salon of his former staff. When he sees and truly hears why they left, his inactions begin to sink in. After this, Tabatha has Brian sit down with each individual stylist, which he has never done. Some he has never even met (yikes, imagine how awkward that is).

Finally, Tabatha thinks she has broken through and the H Design team is excited for a new beginning. Sadly, on re-opening day, Mr. Stockbroker is back to his old trading habits. Within ten minutes, no one can find him and it is soon learned he is in his office. While the team improves superbly, the absent minded owner does not and the staff prepares for the worse, post Tabatha. In a rare recommendation, Tabatha suggests the team find new employment should the owner not commit. 

Upon her infamous six week return, Tabatha sees the stylists fears have become reality. Brian has not changed and the salon is still is struggling. True to their word, three of stylists have walked out and more on the verge. Tabatha is furious and comments, “It’s a complete f---- you to the staff and to me.” 

Brian just does not seem to get it. Guess he never got his head out of his...


‘Tabatha Takes Over’ airs Tuesday at 10pm On Bravo.