The other day Sylvester Stallone revealed that he had a metal plate placed inside his neck after a freak accident while filming a fight scene for his new movie The Expendables. Many stars want to do their own stunts, either out of pride or a desire to make the movie as real as possible. However, few have escaped unscathed.

Stallone has always insisted on doing his own stunts, and said he had his worst injury while filming Rocky IV. He insisted that co-star Dolph Lundgren actually punch him during takes, and Dolph delivered a stunning punch to Stallone's chest. His ribs compressed against his heart, and he was rushed to the hospital. He was later told that if his heart had begun to swell from the compression, he likely would have died.

Robert Downey Jr. broke Halle Berry's arm while filming Gothika. The scene called for him to twist her arm and force her into a cot, and the actor said he could feel her arm snap in his hand. She was also checked for a concussion after her head smashed into a lighting fixture while filming Catwoman.

In A Clockwork Orange, Malcolm McDowell's eyelids are literally held open by metal in the iconic scene. The star suffered scratched cornea and temporary blindness due to it.

Russell Crowe has had to deal with an injured shoulder since filming Gladiator. After pulling out of several movies, he finally had arthroscopic surgery so he could complete Cinderella Man.

While filming Troy, Brad Pitt injured his Achilles' tendon - which is suitable considering he was playing Achilles. The filming of the $200 million epic was pushed back several weeks.

Viggo Mortensen had his own embarrassing and painful injury while filming The Two Towers. After his character finds a pile of bodies, he ad-libbed kicking an Orc helmet. Unfortunately, the helmet was rather heavy, and the star broke two of his toes.

Sienna Miller slipped on a rubber bullet as was treated for a swollen hand on the set of G.I. Joe. Later, her cleavage was set on fire after a spark landed on her cat suit.

Fox News reported several months ago that Rose McGowan had to have surgery on her elbow and wrist due to nerve damage from stunts in previous movies. The procedure delayed the filming of her new movie, Red Sonja.

Jackie Chan started his career as a stuntman, so it's no surprise he has received many injuries. However, some of his worst occurred in films he was also starring in. In fact, one of the simplest (in Jackie Chan terms) stunts caused the most harm. While attempting to jump from a tree to a building in Armour of God, he fell from the branches and landed on his head. Hours later, doctors were trying to save his life by extracting parts of his skull from his brain. He has also broken his nose three times and dislocated his sternum, hip, and cheekbone - among many other injuries.

Story by Casey Johnson contributing writer