Sylvester Stallone regrets making comedies like Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot - because they ruined his career.  The movie star teamed up with Golden Girls star Estelle Getty in the 1992 film and he now accepts it was a big mistake - because his fans didn't approve of him making something so silly.

Stallone tells Cigar Aficionado magazine, "The audience expects certain kinds of films out of certain actors. I made the mistake of going too far off the beaten track. John Wayne knew what his audience wanted; he never would have made Stop! or My Mom Will Shoot. People underestimate the relationship certain actors have with their audience. When you mock that by doing something so far off-centre, they let you know. Someone once said that if you give an audience what it wants, you'll be around for a long time, and if you give them what you want, you'll wind up broke."
And, at 63, Stallone not only regrets the films he made but the films he passed on, like Romancing The Stone, Witness and Coming Home. He adds, "I would like to have done a few more dramas."


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