SyFy Digital is launching a digital original series exclusively for the Xbox 360 for the first time called Nuclear Family.

The show will premiere on the SyFy App on the Xbox LIVE entertainment platform on October 1, followed by “simultaneous premieres on, Hulu, VOD, Syfy’s mobile and table apps and SyFy’s new Roku channel” on October 15.

A 20-part series, Nuclear Family stars Corin Nemec (Stargate SG-1), Kinsey Packard (Sleeper Cell), Ray Wise (Mad Men) and Sharon Lawrence (Desperate Housewives). The show is about a family’s struggle to survive in a lawless society that is ruled by The Man and his savage clan. They’ll also be desperately searching for their missing child who is lost in “the apocalyptic chaos fallowing a mysterious mega-explosion.”

Nuclear Family premieres on Xbox Live this Monday.